Time to Spring Clean your career, the SWOT selfie, self assessment

Spring Clean your Career

Time for a Spring Clean with our selfie SWOT Finally, Spring is in the air and what a difference it makes. When the sun comes out, we all get an extra spring in our step and we start to thrive again after the cold and wet weather. Like plants we turn to the sunshine, after

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Favourite Festive Bakes

Dovetail’s Favourite Festive Bakes

From the simple to the complex, we love a good bit of festive baking. Here are some of Dovetail’s Favourite Festive Bakes! Chocolate Yule Log https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/yummy-chocolate-log Now, Laura made this a few years ago and the trick is making sure the sponge is light and fluffy so it’s easy to roll. Apparently an electric whisk

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sustainable christmas gift ideas

Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas

Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas We are becoming more and more passionate about making it easier for everyone to live more consciously by buying products that don’t harm the environment so that together we can continue making a positive impact on the planet and our community. It is all about making small swaps where we can,

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Independent shops christchurch

Shop Local! Southbourne & Christchurch Edition

We’ve just seen Laura behind door number three on the advent calendar encouraging you all to shop local. So, we thought we’d bring you a blog of some places where you can support local businesses and do a spot of Christmas shopping in independent shops in Southbourne and Christchurch. Now obviously we can’t name them

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Interview tips

Get your interview head on

I’m not sure Worzel Gummidge had an ‘interview’ head – but if you’re going for an interview then it’s time to get yours on – here are our top tips for interviews. When you go for an interview, you have one shot to do well and make a good impression with your potential future employer.

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recruitment agency dorset

Meet the Recruiter – Laura

As some of you may be new around here, we thought we’d make it a little more personal and do a Q&A with Laura and Suzi so you can ‘meet the recruiter’! So without further ado, here we go. Let’s meet the recruiter, our Director of Finance & Administration, Laura, is up first. How did

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does multitasking work

The Art of Multitasking?

We live in a society where multitasking is king. We can’t seem to do anything without trying to do something else at the same time.  In a world of juggling our responsibilities, we type whilst chatting on the phone, walk or jog on the phone, watch TV at the gym, read while listening to music,

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Julia's House £50 challenge

Dovetail’s Charity Challenge

The Julia’s House £50 Challenge is on!  The Dovetail Team have some very exciting news to share with you all. This year we are going to be supporting Julia’s House and we are taking part in their £50 challenge! In case you are not familiar with it, the £50 challenge is where we receive £50

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The Art of Onboarding

The Art of ‘Onboarding’

“Only 22% of employers communicate their employee benefits offering before day one of employment, such as in an offer letter; and only 18% communicate the offering before recruitment, for instance in a job advertisement, shows research from GRiD.*” HR News, Feb 20 Make sure you don’t fall into this trap! You’ve found your dream candidate

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motherhood and having twins

Dovetail Diary: You’re Having Twins!

It’s the third in our series of Dovetail ‘Life stories’ and this month it’s Liz’s turn! When I asked Liz what could she share with everyone that’s a bit of a life experience that others would find interesting – it was her experience of motherhood and having twins that sprung to mind. Nothing can really

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optimism and hard work pays, career tips, positive thinking

Dovetail Diary: Optimism + Hard Work Pays

We were chatting in the office recently about key moments in our working lives and what we learnt from them. I thought it would be nice to share, so here’s the first one! Laura mentioned her uni days and the moment when she realised that that good ol’ chestnut and overstated cliche of  ‘optimism and

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the art of ne gotiation -playing hardball

Playing Hardball

The Art of Negotiation – Is Boris right to play hardball, will it work? Last week, we saw Boris fulfil his childhood dream of becoming Prime Minister, take the reins from Theresa and step into what is one of the most important jobs in the country.  I wonder how he felt on the morning he

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Salaries in Dorset - read the latest job market report for the South

Job Market Report March – ‘Uncertainty’

We’ve got the latest stats on job skills shortages, the availability of candidates for the job market and how salaries in Dorset and the south are moving.We’ve extracted the key points for you – from IHS Markit’s & KPMG’s latest report. ‘Uncertainty leads to falls in permanent placements and temp billings in March’ KEY FINDINGS

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The Telephone interview - the pros and cons for clients

Telephone Interviews – Pros + Cons

The Telephone Interview – Pros and Cons We’ve recently noticed a rise in clients using Telephone interviews as part of their interview process. Whilst the method is nothing new – the popularity certainly is. This prompted us to take a look at the pros and cons for clients using them. Pros Time Saving – you

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