Telephone Interviews – Pros + Cons

The Telephone interview - the pros and cons for clients

The Telephone Interview – Pros and Cons

We’ve recently noticed a rise in clients using Telephone interviews as part of their interview process.

Whilst the method is nothing new – the popularity certainly is. This prompted us to take a look at the pros and cons for clients using them.


  • Time Saving – you get to screen more candidates quickly, doesn’t take so much time
  • Space Saving – No meeting room needed, you can do it anywhere, even on the road if you have a busy schedule
  • You’ll get a good idea of their phone manner – very important when you’re representing a company.
  • If you’re interviewing for a phone-based role, then this should be your first step in the interview process
  • You can have the candidate’s CV and any notes in front of you


  • Stating the obvious – you don’t meet them in person +
    you only hear a voice
  • It’s harder to build a rapport over the phone
  • You can’t read body language
  • The interview is likely to be shorter – so less time to evaluate your candidate
  • Technology can let you down and get in the way
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