how to retain employees

How to retain your employees

How to retain employees If employee retention is currently just a phrase you hear dotted about in yearly reports, it’s time to rethink! There are many reasons why including consideration for employee retention in your plan for 2024 could be a great move. Read on for some top tips on how to retain your employees.

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Successful job interviews

Five Essential Points to get across in an Interview

How to be successful in job interviews Regardless of the company or role the interview is for, the majority of us get nervous, but the more preparation you do for your interview, the easier you’ll be able to show the interviewer why you are the right person for the job. So, we thought we’d give

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why is marketing important for business?

Why your business needs marketing

A few months back, I unconsciously decided to stop doing our marketing on Fridays. I wanted to dedicate ALL of my time in the week to recruitment. This wasn’t the first time I’d done this, but it was the longest period we didn’t market the business for. I couldn’t see the point in giving up

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4 day working week

Hot Topic – The 4 Day Working Week

Prior to the pandemic, hybrid working was a rare benefit that was offered to only the most experienced candidates, or in ‘quirky’ or ‘creative’ companies. Now, it’s something offered by the majority of companies. Things have changed dramatically in just two years. Now, on to the next thing to improve work/life balance – a 4

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Virtual Office Party Ideas

So it’s not exactly as exciting as last year where we all left the office early, donned our best frocks, styled our hair and had a pre-party glass of something special. BUT we’re all in need of some Christmas cheer and holiday celebrations after what has been a tough year for all. So, we’ve put

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Independent shops christchurch

Shop Local! Southbourne & Christchurch Edition

We’ve just seen Laura behind door number three on the advent calendar encouraging you all to shop local. So, we thought we’d bring you a blog of some places where you can support local businesses and do a spot of Christmas shopping in independent shops in Southbourne and Christchurch. Now obviously we can’t name them

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Business News in Dorset & Hampshire

Business News in Dorset & Hampshire – We’ve gathered the recent headlines for you to catch up on HR, business strategy and IT news. Keeping you up to date with everything in the world of HR, work, business and strategy.  Make sure you follow us to see the latest business news in Dorset & Hampshire,

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recruitment agency dorset & hampshire

How to Re-onbaord Employees After Furlough

Wondering how to Re-onboard employees after furlough? We’ve talked about remote onboarding, general onboarding, but have you thought about how to re-onboard employees after furlough? Something that employers might not be thinking about at the moment with everything else going on, but re-onboarding employees after furlough is critical to ensure they are engaged, feel valued,

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recruitment agency dorset & hampshire

October Job Market Report

October Job Market Report – Main Findings: The October Job Market Report finds that permanent placements have returned to declining numbers, but temporary billings continue their strong path of growth.   Every month we receive the latest figures on the employment market in the South and the UK. The Job Market Report UK for August

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Meet the Recruiter – Suzi

As some of you may be new around here, we thought we’d make it a little more personal and do a Q&A with Laura and Suzi so you can ‘meet our recruiter’! Laura went first, so this time, it’s Suzi! Without further ado, here we go. Let’s meet our recruiter, Suzi, our Director of Sales

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working from home tips

Top Tips for Working From Home

Ahh, working from home. At the start of lockdown, I thought WFH was going to be amazing. No commute, dress down every day, slightly longer lie in, lunch in the garden, and my choice of playlist. Oh, how quickly that novelty wore off. And here we are again with the suggestion of WFH when you

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coronavirus job support scheme

New Job Support Scheme

In case you missed in on the news, we’ve put together some key facts on the new Job Support Scheme that comes in to place on 1st November. The Chancellor started his speech in the house of commons saying that the furlough scheme was an excellent short term solution to the immediate ramifications of lockdown.

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information on the kickstart scheme

Information on the Kickstart Scheme

Looking for Information on the Kickstart Scheme as you’ve heard of it, but aren’t really sure what it’s all about? Well, we’ve gathered the key information so read on! I don’t know about you, but when I graduated, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do, let along what was available out there for

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job retention bonus info

The Job Retention Bonus

You may have seen on the news, or heard through the grapevine, that there is a new Job Retention Bonus planned to be given to companies who keep their previously furloughed staff on until January 2021. But what are the details? Well look no further! Here is the key information that you need to know.

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job market report uk

Job Market Report: July 2020

UK Job Market June Report – Main Findings: Hiring activity falls at much slower pace, redundancies lead to sharper rise in staff supply and starting pay continues to fall markedly. Every month we receive the latest figures on the employment market in the South and the UK. The Job Market Report UK for July is

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Lower starting salaries Recruitment agency hampshire

Low starting salaries = demotivated staff?

Are lower starting salaries leading to demotivated staff? You may have heard that lower starting salaries are evident in the job market at the moment. On LinkedIn this week, I spotted a post that frustrated me to say the least. A recruiter was speaking about his candidate who had gone to an interview and was

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