Meet the Recruiter – Suzi

As some of you may be new around here, we thought we’d make it a little more personal and do a Q&A with Laura and Suzi so you can ‘meet our recruiter’! Laura went first, so this time, it’s Suzi! Without further ado, here we go.

Let’s meet our recruiter, Suzi, our Director of Sales & Marketing is up!

How did you get into Recruitment?

recruitment agency dorset & hampshireAs often seems to be the way, recruitment found me! I was back home from finishing Uni, and I was looking for a new job as a recent Grad. At the time, I was not sure what I wanted to do. I studied English and Business Studies. I applied a few roles in various industries, and the next thing I knew I had a call from an internal recruiter inviting me in for a chat. The way it was described was commercial and fast paced … and then I was hooked!

So, what is your best recruitment memory so far?

Oh wow, there have been so many. Working in recruitment really is the ultimate ‘people job’ and I really love helping others, building relationships, and making a difference in people’s career. I think my best memories, are helping clients and candidates who have not worked with an agency before. I can guide them through the process and the quality of our work, as well as building their confidence. My first ever placement will always stay with me and one to remember, but every single placement after that has almost been as good!

Funniest recruitment memory?

There have been lots of funny memories over the years and despite our best laid plans, there are mishaps! I do remember a candidate taking some Boost Chocolate bars to an interview once, to ‘boost’ the sales team. That did make me chuckle!

Worst moment?

The national lockdown was the most challenging time in recruitment for me. But, as our industry is recovering, there is an encouraging outlook!

Favourite sector to recruit for?

I enjoy the variety of different commercial roles. I suppose my niche is within sales and marketing, as I love the energy, creativeness and buzz the roles bring.

Childhood dream job?recruitment agency hampshire

From a young age I wanted to be a Primary School Teacher, and if I wasn’t a recruiter, I think I would have pursued that career. Although, I guess I did get a flavour of this whilst home schooling our Daughters during the lockdown!

Prefer home or office working?

Although there are now changing attitudes, I prefer working in our office! I enjoy the social interaction, the buzz and having a balance between being here and at home.

Are you a tidy desk or messy desk person?

It can depend on what the day throws at me! If I do get a little untidy, I always ensure my work area is tidy at the end of the day. This refocuses my mind and prepares me for the following day!

recruitment agency dorsetTea or Coffee?

I couldn’t be without a coffee in the morning! (I never drank it before I had our twins!) Herbal tea in the afternoon.

Any Hobbies?

Our 4-year-old twin girls keep me on my toes, and I love spending time with them! We enjoy being outdoors and we always seem to have a project at home to keep us busy!

Thanks for taking part in our meet our recruiter Suzi, you can go back to work now!

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