Top tips to stay focused

Top tips: How to stay focused

If you’re a habitual multitasker, here are 10 tips to help you break the habit and stay focused on the task ahead.  “We’re good at doing rapidly sequential tasks, rather than simultaneous ones” – according to the Psychologists (1) Top Tips to Stay Focused 1. Check up on yourself Distractions can be internal as well as

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romantic piano music

Music for Motivation and Mind #3

Welcome back to this month’s instalment of Music for Motivation and Mind. Laura here bringing you another two favourites, this time by Russian Composer Sergei Rachmaninoff (b.1873 – 1943). If you’re looking for a beautiful Romantic Piano Concerto or two to listen to, then look no further. Rachmaninoff was one of the last representatives of

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Get proactive with ‘The STAY Interview’

This is a concept we’ve come across recently and like most of the best ideas it’s a simple one, and you’ll probably think, why haven’t we done that before? Companies are beginning to take a more proactive approach with their internal HR practices, by building a ‘STAY’ interview into their processes rather than waiting for

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recruitment agency dorset & hampshire

Career Skills: Commercial Awareness

Improve your Career Skills: Commercial Awareness. Have they got commercial experience? This is a question we are often asked by our clients. So, what is it to ‘be commercial’ and why is it so important? We thought we’d try to demonstrate what it is and give some pointers on how to improve your ‘commercial acumen’.

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Successful job interviews

Five Essential Points to get across in an Interview

How to be successful in job interviews Regardless of the company or role the interview is for, the majority of us get nervous, but the more preparation you do for your interview, the easier you’ll be able to show the interviewer why you are the right person for the job. So, we thought we’d give

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music for motivation, snarky puppy

Music for Motivation and Mind #2

Snarky Puppy Welcome back to Music for Motivation and Mind! Laura here bringing you something slightly different to last time. Let me introduce you to one of my favourite groups – Snarky Puppy. If you’re here for something new, or something funky, keep reading. I first heard Snarky Puppy when I was in University and

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refer a friend

Dovetail’s ‘Refer a Friend Scheme’

 We at Dovetail Recruitment are looking for talented candidates through Dovetail’s ‘Refer a Friend Scheme’ Do you have that talent in your network of friends, family or colleagues?  If you know someone who is currently looking for a new job and they would be interested in finding out about new opportunities available, you could earn

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professional candidates in hampshire, attracting the best candidates, Hot Candidates in Dorset, Professional candidates looking for jobs in bournemouth, dorset

Attracting the Best Candidates

Recruitment is a two-way thing and in today’s climate, where solid, skilled candidates are scarce we sometimes need to remind our clients that they too need to sell themselves to their prospective employees. Especially in this ever-changing and competitive market.  Once we get you the best candidates – we don’t want you to lose them

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christmas crossword

Dovetail’s Christmas Crossword 

Across 3. He has a bright red nose 4. A white berry found in bunches on trees 6. The company that first dressed Father Christmas in red 7. The shape you make in the snow when you lay in the snow Down 1. What Father Christmas drives to deliver presents 2. Where Father Christmas lives

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Christmas Playlist Ideas!

Looking for something new to jazz up your usual Christmas playlist? Here is a selection of some albums and songs to get you in the festive mood this year! I wont name the usual suspects (I’m looking at you Wham!), but here are some albums and songs for you to enjoy and put on your

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The Top 10 Festive Films to Watch This Christmas Season

The Top 10 Festive Films to Watch This Christmas Season At the Dovetail office we’re absolutely buzzing for Christmas. To channel that excitement, we’ve put together a list – one we’d call indisputable – of the top 10 best festive films to watch this Christmas! To make things that much easier, we’ve also included where

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secret santa ideas

Gift Ideas Based on Your Job!

So December has truly arrived and we’re all super excited in the Dovetail office. Secret Santa is a common gifting ritual in offices around the country and it’s sometimes really difficult to come up with great ideas. To get you on your way to success, we’ve gathered some winning ideas – depending on, of course,

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marketing report recruitment agency bournemouth

Q3 Marketing Report

Following on from Monday’s blog on ‘why your business needs marketing’, we take a look at the Bellwether marketing report on the current marketing outlook from around 300 marketing professionals situated in a variety of business sectors in some of the nation’s top companies. The headline: “Total UK marketing budget growth slows to year-to-date low,

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why is marketing important for business?

Why your business needs marketing

A few months back, I unconsciously decided to stop doing our marketing on Fridays. I wanted to dedicate ALL of my time in the week to recruitment. This wasn’t the first time I’d done this, but it was the longest period we didn’t market the business for. I couldn’t see the point in giving up

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Handmade Christmas Decorations

Looking for ideas for handmade Christmas decorations? Look no further! We have some ideas and further links for you to investigate! If you’re looking for something edible, why not bake some Christmas cookies? Then simply make a small hole in the top, hang with some string on the Christmas tree and voila! Yummy ornaments! Here

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Start your Job search in December - don't delay and beat the January rush

Job Search Now + Beat the Rush!

If you’ve decided to look for a new job, then now’s the best time – don’t delay! Start your job search in December and beat the January rush of candidates. Here’s why you should start looking for your Perfect Fit role. New Year, New Career Once you’ve made the decision that you’d like to change

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