Top tips to stay focused

Top tips: How to stay focused

If you’re a habitual multitasker, here are 10 tips to help you break the habit and stay focused on the task ahead.  “We’re good at doing rapidly sequential tasks, rather than simultaneous ones” – according to the Psychologists (1) Top Tips to Stay Focused 1. Check up on yourself Distractions can be internal as well as

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Career Skills: Commercial Awareness

Improve your Career Skills: Commercial Awareness. Have they got commercial experience? This is a question we are often asked by our clients. So, what is it to ‘be commercial’ and why is it so important? We thought we’d try to demonstrate what it is and give some pointers on how to improve your ‘commercial acumen’.

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Successful job interviews

Five Essential Points to get across in an Interview

How to be successful in job interviews Regardless of the company or role the interview is for, the majority of us get nervous, but the more preparation you do for your interview, the easier you’ll be able to show the interviewer why you are the right person for the job. So, we thought we’d give

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Time to Spring Clean your career, the SWOT selfie, self assessment

Spring Clean your Career

Time for a Spring Clean with our selfie SWOT Finally, Spring is in the air and what a difference it makes. When the sun comes out, we all get an extra spring in our step and we start to thrive again after the cold and wet weather. Like plants we turn to the sunshine, after

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How to stay ahead in your marketing career

How to Stay Ahead in Your Marketing Career

Whether you’ve just started a new role; or are well-established within a company and perhaps thinking of a change, here a few pointers on how to stay ahead in your marketing career. Whichever point you’re at in your career, some of the key challenges you face remain the same. I came across an article by

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does multitasking work

The Art of Multitasking?

We live in a society where multitasking is king. We can’t seem to do anything without trying to do something else at the same time.  In a world of juggling our responsibilities, we type whilst chatting on the phone, walk or jog on the phone, watch TV at the gym, read while listening to music,

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HR + Business News in Dorset: May 2020

We’ve gathered the recent headlines for you to catch up on HR + Business News in Dorset and Hampshire. Keeping you up to date with everything in the world of HR, work, business and strategy. We have also added a new section – Good News – to lift our spirits!  Make sure you follow us

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how running can help with your career recruitment agency dorset

Dovetail Diary: Suzi’s Marathon

The London Marathon should have been happening this past weekend, but due to current events, it has been postponed until Sunday 4th October 2020. But we thought, what better an occasion to share Suzi’s Dovetail Diary on her experience and journey running the marathon in 2012. Suzi is the only one in the Dovetail office

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5 Skills you need to be successful in Marketing

You might be just starting out in the workplace, perhaps you’ve graduated, or maybe you’re looking to switch into a ‘proper’ career after having tried a few roles that aren’t floating your boat. Perhaps you’re thinking about a career in Marketing. Marketing jobs are just one area we specialise in at Dovetail – we have

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the art of ne gotiation -playing hardball

Playing Hardball

The Art of Negotiation – Is Boris right to play hardball, will it work? Last week, we saw Boris fulfil his childhood dream of becoming Prime Minister, take the reins from Theresa and step into what is one of the most important jobs in the country.  I wonder how he felt on the morning he

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How to give constructive criticism, careers advice, jobs in bournemouth

How to give Constructive Criticism

If you’re not happy with how a member of staff or a colleague is performing, how do you try to resolve it without causing upset? We look at ‘How to give constructive criticism’. Whatever the area is that needs to be addressed, it’s never an easy task to tell someone that you’re not happy with

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Write a CV with no experience, Time for a Life Admin Day

How to write a CV with no experience

We’ve pulled together the key information you need to create your first CV. Our ‘Write a CV with no experience sample’ is ideal for any graduates looking for their first job, or anyone fresh out of college – who need to showcase their skills but has limited work experience. We’ve provided a downloadable template for

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What is Gravitas, Careers Advice, Dorset Recruitment

Career Skills: Gravitas

I remember a while back, a friend of mine worked for a well-known global financial information company, she’d been there a while and had worked her way up to a managerial role. Once she’d reached this point, she was told she had to get some ‘gravitas’ and was assigned a ‘mentor’. When I asked her

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Career Tips, How to ask for a payrise

Career Tips: How to ask for a pay rise?

It’s a subject many of us find difficult to talk about and certainly not openly. Some employers’ actually ban you from discussing it with colleagues. This can even be written into your contract. But with the recent ongoing debate around the gender gap, this does seem to be changing a little as companies are having

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The Telephone interview - the pros and cons for clients

Telephone Interviews – Pros + Cons

The Telephone Interview – Pros and Cons We’ve recently noticed a rise in clients using Telephone interviews as part of their interview process. Whilst the method is nothing new – the popularity certainly is. This prompted us to take a look at the pros and cons for clients using them. Pros Time Saving – you

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How to deal with pressure at work

How to deal with pressure – like England!

Yes, Can you believe England have done it and made it into the Semifinals, having won not just two ordinary games, but a gruelling match against Colombia with a penalty shoot-out to contend with! I think many of us are still in a pleasant state of shock that it actually happened – England rose to

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