How to deal with pressure – like England!

How to deal with pressure at work

Yes, Can you believe England have done it and made it into the Semifinals, having won not just two ordinary games, but a gruelling match against Colombia with a penalty shoot-out to contend with!

I think many of us are still in a pleasant state of shock that it actually happened – England rose to the challenge and succeeded in the face of adversity, and let’s face it overcame the continued dirty tactics from the Colombian team.

How England managed to mostly keep their cool, when having been pushed, kicked, elbowed and even head-butted during the game (shocking!) was admirable.  They carried on and managed to be the better side.

So, what can we learn from our England team about how to deal with pressure and stress?

It’s made me think of what is involved in terms of mental preparation, physical training and commitment to be your best for the big day; and not let nerves get the better of you – whatever environment you’re in.

Some people deal with pressure well, and others not so well. I think I thrive on it, when the pressure is on it focuses my mind to just do it. You have to deliver – and if you don’t then you fail, which is a no-no.

We’ve pulled together some pointers on how to deal with pressure and giving yourself the best chance of succeeding; and ultimately doing your best – whether this is for a one-off big presentation at work; important meeting, a project deadline or simply just managing to deal with day-to-day pressures of a busy work schedule, home life and being able to sustain a solid performance at work.

Here are some good pointers on how to deal with pressure at work – in the office.

1. Remain calm

Whatever is going on, or however you’re feeling make sure you keep a calm demeanour, especially as a manager – you want your colleagues to have faith in you and to remain focused on the task in hand – whatever the situation.

2. Breathe

Bit of a cliché – but some slow deep breathes, can help you get things into perspective

3. Stay focused

It’s easy to get distracted by other issues, but the key is to complete the task in hand – this will ease the pressure.

4. Write a list

Get it all down on paper, and prioritise – a simple one, but oh really probably one of the most important

5. Support your colleagues

Help team members if they are struggling, or feeling the pressure too – this will contribute towards a happy, productive team; whilst showing your colleagues you are really a great manager, that can support, chip in and lead. They won’t mind helping you too in the future.

6. Don’t let drama distract

Don’t get tangled in office gossip, or dramas – side step it, don’t get i involved and see the bigger picture, and again remain focused.

7. Ask for help if you need it

Don’t be afraid to ask for support yourself, if a project is completed successfully and on budget, with a bit of extra expert resource, then find it. You will be the one that manages a project successfully to deadline and budget. If you manage a team, it’s important to recognise you can’t do everything and you have a team of professionals to help get each part done to their best abilities.
Being your best will help your team be their best.

8. Take your breaks

Walk away from your desk, nip outside for some air and some space away from it all. A fresh head can work wonders.

9. Avoid too many stimulants

Most of us love coffee, chocolate and the sugary snacks – but watch you don’t overdo it as this can contribute to stress levels. Find a few alternatives to mix up the snacks to help get you through.
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I think will all be wearing our luckiest charms on Wednesday, ready for the Semi-final..

Come on England….. :o))



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