how to reduce stress

Top Tips to Beat The Stress Factor

On November 1st to November 7th it will be International Stress Awareness Week. The week was created in 2018 to raise awareness about how to prevent and how to reduce stress, and this year marks 23 years since the establishment of Stress Awareness Day in 1998. With a global pandemic, lockdowns, furlough, redundancy piled on

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Work news Bournemouth Recruitment + HR, Bournemouth News, Business & HR news in dorset and hampshire

Business + HR News – Aug 19

We’ve gathered the key headlines across Business, Work + HR news Bournemouth, Dorset, the UK + Beyond! Keeping you up to date with what’s going on! Local & HR News Bournemouth27.08Bournemouth Echo: 5G, an agri-tech plant and motor workshop all due to benefit from £1.5m windfall Dorset Echo: Bournemouth Air Festival 2019: Our guide to

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How to deal with pressure at work

How to deal with pressure – like England!

Yes, Can you believe England have done it and made it into the Semifinals, having won not just two ordinary games, but a gruelling match against Colombia with a penalty shoot-out to contend with! I think many of us are still in a pleasant state of shock that it actually happened – England rose to

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Dealing with anxiety

Dealing with anxiety following recent events

There’s been a continued barrage of bad news recently, not just bad but horrific. The number of tragic events we’ve faced in the UK recently feels unprecedented. For most of us, we’ve watched these tragic events from a distance, seeing the impact on innocent people following the terror attacks in London and Manchester and most

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Managing Stress

Top Tips: Managing stress in the Workplace

“Recent research has found that in many organisations a manager’s mood dictates the workplace climate – with favouritism and trust issues also blighting UK offices. The study, by the Institute of Leadership & Management, found that 50% of leaders allow their mood to impact employees’ work. 40% regularly showed favouritism in the workplace, whilst a fifth of

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