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Local & HR News Bournemouth
Bournemouth Echo: 5G, an agri-tech plant and motor workshop all due to benefit from £1.5m windfall
Dorset Echo: Bournemouth Air Festival 2019: Our guide to what’s happening
23.08: Daily Echo: Southampton could be among UK’s most sustainable cities
21.08: Bournemouth Echo: How AUB is driving innovation and ‘punching above its weight’
20.08: Bournemouth Echo: Bosses spend 19 hours of holiday time answering emails and calls
Bournemouth Echo: Care company to launch ‘hotel-style’ concierge service
Daily Echo: How £1m business was started by a 16-year-old with £5
Bournemouth Echo: Lilliput pupils learn through virtual reality
Daily Echo: First event of its kind will highlight business innovation
15.08: Daily Echo: Business ideas invited for shop unit in Botley
Bournemouth Echo: Lush wants review into grouse shooting on ‘Glorious Twelfth’
Bournemouth Echo: ‘Mostly vegan’ Holy Cow takes food to events on an electric bike
9.08: Daily Echo: Government offers millions to boost economy post-Brexit
Daily Echo: Boris Johnson urged to invest in Hampshire and South East
Bournemouth Echo: Profits rise at LV= despite sales falls
Bournemouth Echo: Karen Millen and Coast set to disappear from high street
Bournemouth Echo: Former Bath Hill Court porter wins £55,000 back pay
06.08: Bournemouth Echo: McCarthy & Stone ends partnership with Somerset Care 
Bournemouth Echo: PMC Civil Engineering in administration owing £1.1m 
Bournemouth Echo: Amberley Adhesive Labels bought by European firm Coveris
Bournemouth Echo: 1,500 Bournemouth businesses ‘in significant distress’ 

Campaign: Group M’s future depends on recruiting from different places
Independent: Business leaders more likely to be called Stephen than to be Women
Business Insider: 11 billionaires who dropped out of college before making their fortunes
Personnel Today: How HR can safeguard against modern slavery in supply chains
Independent: Kim Kardashian West reveals she was embarrasingly obsessed with fame
Personnel Today: Priti confusing? Managing sudden immigration changes
Forbes: You Want A High-Performance Culture? Then Watch Your Behavior Very Carefully
The Guardian: ‘No one will try to terrify you’: year 8 advice to year 7s

Forbes: Belonging In The Workplace: A New Approach to Diversity And Inclusivity

Independent: ‘Don’t be afraid of AI’: Daniel Pitchford on how businesses can demystify new technology
The Guardian: Workplaces must protect women going through menopause, say MPs
People Management: NHS workforce figures show sector still struggling with chronic staffing shortage

Interesting read: Why Richard Branson Wishes He Was Just Starting Up In Business Today
On the job: Forbes: The Top Ten Tips For Brands And Their Social Media Managers To Maintain A Successful Social Media Presence

Independent: Morrisons closes four stores, putting hundreds of jobs at risk
The Guardian: Transgender journalist loses discrimination claim against the Times
People Management: CIPD partner scheme to recognise HR departments that ‘go the extra mile’
People Management: It’s time to rethink stress management

People Management: What happens when HR makes it to the top
Personnel Today: Jargon puts off half of graduate jobseekers
Personnel Today:  One in eight reluctant to hire women who may become pregnant
The Guardian: As an Iranian academic, I’m fed up of being asked to focus on poverty and oppression
The Guardian: I folded cardboard at Blockbuster, and found inner peace amid the boredom
The Guardian: ‘I don’t blame any teacher for not coming out as gay’
The Guardian: ‘I never thought I’d be doing this’: how Gallucks became internet famous

Independent: British Steel: Hundreds of jobs could be cut to raise productivity
Forbes: Billionaire Backs U.K. Startup Trying To Extend Human Lifespans
People Management: Raising pension age to 75 would improve worker wellbeing, says think tank
Forbes: Digital Talent Shortage Driving Need For Offshore Talent
People Management: One in five feel they need to change their accent to get ahead
Business Insider: 5 key traits of excellent managers who never act overwhelmed by pressure
The Guardian: Call for cut in stock market trading hours to aid working parents
Personnel Today: Reputation management: how to handle employees’ tweets
Personnel Today: MPs slam Priti Patel plan to end freedom of movement
Personnel Today: Goodbye to HR tech, hello recruitment consumerisation

The Guardian: Meet the people trying to save enough to retire by 40
The Guardian: Immigration staff report rising discrimination at Home Office
Personnel Today: £12k for unfairly dismissed Age UK worker after botched redundancy

The Guardian: ‘It’s been very difficult to deal with, but I never gave up’

People Management: More than one million EU citizens granted settled or pre-settled status
Personnel Today: £12k for unfairly dismissed Age UK worker after botched redundancy
Personnel Today: Citizens Advice training document ‘propagated racial stereotypes’
The Guardian: Packing Christmas cards knocked the pseudo-intellectual snob out of me
Personnel Today: Recruiting HR professionals: building the perfect HR team
Make It Last: Fintech Firm Solves Number One Retirement Fear—Outliving Your Money
The Guardian: ‘Diva’ doctors are the symptoms of a rotten culture – and put patients at risk

15.08 Unhappy At Work? Persuade Your Boss To Redefine Your Job

Forbes: How Freelancing Is Influencing A Generation Of Employees
Oh and one we missed…
The Guardian: ‘Nothing to show’: how Australia’s gender pay gap is harming older women

The Guardian: Working unpredictable catering shifts in the gig economy made me crave routine
Business Insider: 11 tricks Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and other famous execs use to run meetings
The Guardian: UK wages rise at fastest rate for a decade despite Brexit risks

The Guardian: More holidays and better pay would boost productivity, says thinktank
HR News: Business theft is on the rise across the UK, and new research has revealed the authorities which are seeing the largest increases
Personnel Today: Low-skilled labour supply down by a third in two years

The Guardian: Pop reggae and racism: what failing on a factory floor taught me about life
Personnel Today: Tribunal case bolsters protection for potential whistleblowers
Personnel Today: Football clubs under fire over staff’s low pay
Business Insider: Taking a long weekend is better than taking a full vacation — and it will extend your summer
HR News: Tattoos in the workplace – taboo or celebrating individuality?
People Management: Shortage of levy funds stopping businesses from recruiting apprentices
People Management: Employers need diverse AI teams to guard against unethical use of technology

06.08 How Does Costco Compete With Amazon? By Doing 4 Things Incredibly Well A Google Executive Reviewed More Than 20,000 Resumes–He Found These 5 Stunning Mistakes Over and Over
CIPD: CIPD launches employer guidance to help tackle one-sided flexibility
HR News: In the Dark—95% of SMEs Unaware of the Legal Rights of Disabled Employees 
HR News: UK failing to recognise the needs and wants of the self-employed 
The Guardian: UK too desperate to secure US trade deal, says Clinton’s treasury secretary
Personnel Today: Why we need imperfect leaders

Personnel Today: Top 10 HR questions July 2019: Spent convictions 
People Management: July’s top five employment law cases 
HR News: 4.3 million employees unhappy at work with work stress a significant contributor 
HR News: Hotdesking could be your hot ticket to office harmony 
HR News: Revealed: The 10 least and most trusted professions in the UK 
People Management: Spend money on NHS staff, not just buildings, PM is told 
People Management: What the government is planning on gender equality 
Personnel Today: Emma Watson launches sexual harassment helpline 
Forbes: Career Challenge: Rediscover Your Purpose In 15 Days 

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