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Q3 Marketing Report

Following on from Monday’s blog on ‘why your business needs marketing’, we take a look at the Bellwether marketing report on the current marketing outlook from around 300 marketing professionals situated in a variety of business sectors in some of the nation’s top companies. The headline: “Total UK marketing budget growth slows to year-to-date low,

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How to stay ahead in your marketing career

How to Stay Ahead in Your Marketing Career

Whether you’ve just started a new role; or are well-established within a company and perhaps thinking of a change, here a few pointers on how to stay ahead in your marketing career. Whichever point you’re at in your career, some of the key challenges you face remain the same. I came across an article by

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job market report august 2021

UK Job Market Report – August 2021

UK Job Market Report for August 2021 Main Findings: The latest Job Market Report for August 2021 has been released and the key findings have been that vacancy and permanent placement growth are at record highs, while there continues to be an unprecedented drop in candidate supply, therefore driving a continued increase in salaries. Commenting

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brand activation displays

Events Company Expand Undeterred by Pandemic

Events Company Expand Undeterred by Pandemic Quadrant2Design Bring Brand Activation Displays to life for new and existing customers. Poole, UK: Today, Quadrant2Design, a custom-modular exhibition stand design and builder, announced their expansion into a new product area – brand activation displays. After twenty years in the exhibition industry, Quadrant2Design saw a gap in the market

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Must read marketing books, Marketing jobs in Dorset

Must-Reads to Improve your Marketing Skills

If you don’t want to be a coaster, you need to make sure you stay on top of your game.  A good way to to do this is to mix up what you’re reading and make time for some high-value books that could help you add a few strings to your Marketing ‘career skills bow’.

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uk job market report

UK Job Market Report: April 2020

UK Job Market Report’s main findings: Permanent placements and temporary billings fall at the sharpest rate sine the Global Financial Crisis but candidate availability falls at the slowest rate since June 2013. Every month we receive the latest figures on the employment market in the South and the UK. The UK Job Market report is

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UK Salary trends by industry, Are you offering the right salary to attract the best talent/

Are you offering the right salaries for the best talent?

It’s proving a mixed bag when it comes to pay rises – are you keeping in line with your competition in terms of salary levels? We look at this Summer’s UK salary trends by industry. Despite the UK having the lowest levels of unemployment since 1975, many workers are still struggling to get a long

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Digital jobs in Bournemouth

Tech Nation Report 2018: Summary

We’ve been eagerly waiting for the release of this year’s Tech Nation Report, the most comprehensive guide to the UK’s digital tech ecosystem to date, and we’re pleased to say it’s finally here!   We’ve gathered all you need to know from the report if you’re looking for digital jobs in Bournemouth, we’ve summarised the key

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FMCG Sales Management

Boost your FMCG sales career with 10 must-reads

Whether you’re already working in sales account management or considering a career move into this area, then this is for you. We’ve researched the best-selling FMCG Sales Account Management books – old and new that are currently rated the best reads to help sales professionals succeed. 1. Way of the Wolf, Straight Line Selling Jordan Belfort The

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legislation against the Gender Pay Gap

Iceland take lead on Gender Pay Gap

We take our hats off to Iceland’s legislation against Gender Pay Gap One of the key trends for this year is, of course, the Gender Pay Gap which looks set to be a key focal point – as even today the BBC Editor, Carrie Grace has resigned over unequal pay with her male colleagues. The support she’s receiving

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HR Trends for 2018

HR Trends for 2018: Technology

So, it’s 2018 and we’ve been gathering some of the latest thinking on what to expect for this year. Here are 5 key HR trends for 2018, summarised below and it looks like Technology is once again a big theme for the year. Passive candidates – Technology and the world of social media allows us

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The State of the Labour Market

The State of the Labour Market

Is the long and sustained recent labour market boom finally running out of steam? Philip Hammond started his budget last week by saying the UK economy “continues to grow, continues to create more jobs than ever before, and continues to confound those who seek to talk it down”. This is in stark contrast to Kevin

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So, what about Uber then?

Uber – It’s been a controversial journey, to say the least. My thoughts are that banning them from operating in London is a little short-sighted… give them a deadline to get their ‘housekeeping’ into order, and let them continue. Didn’t we all herald the arrival of Uber back in 2012, when this amazing digital app

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Construction Review

Balfour ABI: Construction Market Review

Barbour ABI is a leading provider of construction intelligence services. With a team of in-house research specialists and a dedicated lead economist, it provides commercially relevant insight and unique analysis of trends and developments within the building and construction industry – such as the Construction Market Review. We thought you might be interested in a

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HR News in Bournemouth Business News

HR & Business Round-Up: August

We’ve rounded up the local business and HR news in Dorset, Hampshire & beyond – to keep you up-to-date!  Local Business News: 21 August: Atlas Elektronik UK is awarded £48m contract to supply workboats for the Royal Navy A Dorset-based science and technology company has secured a £48million contract that will boost the local economy

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construction industry news: Crossrail

Construction news: First Crossrail train enters service

As Crossrail approaches the final stages of completion, we can only praise the contribution this has made to the construction industry and to the economy as a whole for the UK. Personally, I’ve loved watching the documentaries about the project and I’m fascinated by what’s involved and how it’s transforming London. As I look after

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