Are you offering the right salaries for the best talent?

UK Salary trends by industry, Are you offering the right salary to attract the best talent/

It’s proving a mixed bag when it comes to pay rises – are you keeping in line with your competition in terms of salary levels? We look at this Summer’s UK salary trends by industry.

Despite the UK having the lowest levels of unemployment since 1975, many workers are still struggling to get a long overdue pay rise.

“The disappointing figures for pay growth came despite unemployment remaining at 4.2%, which was the joint lowest level since May 1975. Lower numbers of people out of work should help workers demand higher pay, but some economists say the creation of low-paid and precarious jobs since the financial crisis has damaged the link between low levels of unemployment and wage growth.”
The Guardian

Yet, on the flip side, there is a summer trend we’re seeing where a few industries are bucking this trend.

In an attempt to beat the summer recruitment lull – some sectors are significantly raising salaries to ensure they attract the best talent at a time when recruitment traditionally takes a dip.
If you don’t want to hang around until September, and you need to build your team now – there’s one way to catch the  best candidates attention. Not that it’s all just about money – but it is of course one of the key factors when you’re looking for skilled professionals to help your business grow.

According to a recent survey by CV Library – here are the top 10 industries that are continuing to attract the best talent through the Summer months. Are you in line with these?

UK salary trends by industry

1. Legal – pay up by 13.1%
2. Catering – pay up by 9.9%
3. Marketing – pay up by 8.3%
4. Sales – pay up by 4.9%
5. Automotive – pay up by 3.9%
6. Recruitment – pay up by 3%
7. IT – pay up by 2.5%
8. Accounting – pay up by 2.3%
9. Engineering – pay up by 1.6%
10. Manufacturing – pay up by 1.2%

Executive Grapevine
The Guardian


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