Events Company Expand Undeterred by Pandemic

brand activation displays

Events Company Expand Undeterred by Pandemic

Quadrant2Design Bring Brand Activation Displays to life for new and existing customers.

Poole, UK: Today, Quadrant2Design, a custom-modular exhibition stand design and builder, announced their expansion into a new product area – brand activation displays.

After twenty years in the exhibition industry, Quadrant2Design saw a gap in the market and decided to expand despite the current closure of their industry due to the covid-19 pandemic.brand activation displays

Quadrant2Design have worked with global brands such as Tesco, BT and Dulux. In 2016, they created the display used by the Bank of England to launch the new £5 note. Brand Activation Displays have been part of the business for twenty years. Now they have brought in a dedicated team to design, manufacture and build bespoke brand activation displays.

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On the company’s recent expansion, Quadrant2Design director Andrew Carney said:

“We are now the only brand-marketing agency, with in-house production of brand-activation displays, product launch displays and exhibition stands. Our customers have always felt comfortable knowing that we are responsible for their exhibition stand but now we are stepping up to the challenge and myself and my team are ready to bring brand activation displays into the mix.”

Quadrant2Design’s design and build the brand activation displays in their studio in Poole. Every display is prebuilt for quality assurance, which means brands get the chance to see their design before the event.

The company were pleased to hear Boris Johnson’s recent announcement and are confident that the events industry will return next year. Brand activation displays help businesses build brand awareness by engaging directly with their target audience. Quadrant2Design’s brand activation displays can be used at different event types such as product launches and purchase displays.

brand activation displays

Written by: Natalka Antoniuk

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