Tech Nation Report 2018: Summary

Digital jobs in Bournemouth

We’ve been eagerly waiting for the release of this year’s Tech Nation Report, the most comprehensive guide to the UK’s digital tech ecosystem to date, and we’re pleased to say it’s finally here!  

We’ve gathered all you need to know from the report if you’re looking for digital jobs in Bournemouth, we’ve summarised the key findings for you below for the UK & Bournemouth.

National Overview

  • The UK has digital suburbs, not just cities
  • The UK cements its position as a global tech leader
  • Access to talent and investment continue to challenge tech communities across the UK
  • The UK tech community is highly connected
  • Jobs in digital tech are on the rise, but diversity remains a key challenge

  1. Jobs in digital tech are on the rise

Between 2014 and 2017 employment in the digital tech sector increased by 13.2%. Workers in digital tech are also more productive than those in non-digital sectors, by an average of £10,000 per person per annum.

Jobs requiring digital tech skills command higher salaries, on average, £42,578 compared to £32,477 per year for non-digital jobs, while digitally enabled jobs — those requiring only some engagement with digital tech – bring in £35,227. Overall, digital tech jobs are good for workers, and good for the UK

  2. Diversity remains a key challenge for digital tech

Employer demand for digital tech skills is increasing. Non-digital tech companies are becoming more reliant on digital tech workers, as tech pervades every business and new forms of work evolve.

However, tech does not currently offer equal opportunities for all. There is a growing movement to promote diversity, with a number of initiatives aiming to address the gulf between men and women’s employment in the sector. Other inequalities also deserve attention.

Key Stat: For every 100 people working in a digital tech job in 2017, how many were women? Answer – 49%!

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Jobs and skills:

1. Age

For every 100 people working in a digital tech job in 2017, how many were under 35?

On average 72% of UK digital tech workers are over 35, challenging the stereotype that jobs in this sector are the preserve of millennials. East London, the site of Silicon Roundabout, is the only region where the majority of digital tech workers (51%) are under 35.

2. Digital tech skills are pervasive

Digitally-enabled jobs require interaction with tech. These are arguably the most interesting range of roles, and they are likely to boom as tech becomes more important in traditional sectors.

According to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) definition of technology literacy, 32%  of UK jobs are classed as digitally-enabled, 13% are digital tech jobs, and 55% are non-digital tech roles.

3. Digital tech jobs are those that require expertise such as software developers or engineers.

In fact, there is a productivity power path from London to the mouth of the River Severn, running along the M4 corridor and spreading to Southampton and Portsmouth. Digital tech turnover by employee ranges from £27,650 in Campbeltown to £320,000 in Bristol. The UK’s strength as a tech nation rests on acknowledging, and valuing this diversity of economic activity.

The findings show that digital tech skills are pervasive. As its influence reaches every part of the economy, even non-digital tech companies are becoming increasingly reliant on tech.

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4. Productivity in digital tech for the top 15 UK Travel to Work Areas

Portsmouth £250k per person and Southampton £192k per person are included in the top 15.

  • London secures its position as third global startup ecosystem
  • London is the second most connected ecosystem in the world
  • The global connections of London entrepreneurs bolster the capital’s international market reach
  • In London, 33% of tech company customers are based outside the UK, compared to 30% in Silicon Valley and 7% in Beijing.


According to Tech Nation’s report, Bournemouth’s digital sector is worth more than £340million a year in turnover and employs more than 7,500 people.  It also found that Bournemouth’s digital sector is expanding 2.6 times faster than the rest of the UK economy.

Key findings:

  • Jobs in digital tech up 25% from 2014 t0 2017
  • The digital sector in Bournemouth is worth 7,500 jobs and £340m in turnover
  • £341m Digital tech business turnover (2017)
  • Dominant distribution of businesses by age (2017)
  • £88K Digital tech turnover by employee (2017)
  • 62 Digital tech business births (2016)
  • £363 m – GVA (2017)
  • 3,871 Jobs in digital tech (2017)
  • 7,546 Digital tech jobs (2017)

Strengths: Gaming, Animation & Cybersecurity

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We’ve gathered just the key elements from the report we thought you’d find useful, but make sure you view the complete Tech Nation Report 2018.


Technation Report 2018.

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