Get proactive with ‘The STAY Interview’

This is a concept we’ve come across recently and like most of the best ideas it’s a simple one, and you’ll probably think, why haven’t we done that before? Companies are beginning to take a more proactive approach with their internal HR practices, by building a ‘STAY’ interview into their processes rather than waiting for

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Work news Bournemouth Recruitment + HR, Bournemouth News, Business & HR news in dorset and hampshire

Business + HR News – Aug 19

We’ve gathered the key headlines across Business, Work + HR news Bournemouth, Dorset, the UK + Beyond! Keeping you up to date with what’s going on! Local & HR News Bournemouth27.08Bournemouth Echo: 5G, an agri-tech plant and motor workshop all due to benefit from £1.5m windfall Dorset Echo: Bournemouth Air Festival 2019: Our guide to

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Workplace trends for 2018

What’s on the cards for 2018?

So, 2018 – what’s on the cards:  Workplace Trends for 2018? Looking at all the predictions for this year, what can we expect for the Workplace Trends for 2018? There are some common trends that keep recurring which we’ve summarised below, having looked at some of the recent surveys and many of seem to interlink.

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HR Trends for 2018

HR Trends for 2018: Technology

So, it’s 2018 and we’ve been gathering some of the latest thinking on what to expect for this year. Here are 5 key HR trends for 2018, summarised below and it looks like Technology is once again a big theme for the year. Passive candidates – Technology and the world of social media allows us

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Local Business News Headlines

Local Business News Round-up: Dorset & Hampshire

We’ve rounded up the best of the local business news in Hampshire, Dorset & beyond – in case you missed it!  Local Business News: 30.10.17 A charity is launching a new scheme to help companies support mental health in the workplace. The Dorset Mind Works campaign follows a report by Mind and Deloitte which reveals

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So, what about Uber then?

Uber – It’s been a controversial journey, to say the least. My thoughts are that banning them from operating in London is a little short-sighted… give them a deadline to get their ‘housekeeping’ into order, and let them continue. Didn’t we all herald the arrival of Uber back in 2012, when this amazing digital app

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Politically correctness – where it’s all at?

Genderism is the hot topic at the moment … ..with John Lewis announcing it will drop gender labels from its children’s clothing range. ‘The department store chain has not only taken “girls” and “boys” labels from clothes, but has also done away with the separate sections in stores. John Lewis own-brand children clothing will now simply

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HR News in Bournemouth Business News

HR & Business Round-Up: August

We’ve rounded up the local business and HR news in Dorset, Hampshire & beyond – to keep you up-to-date!  Local Business News: 21 August: Atlas Elektronik UK is awarded £48m contract to supply workboats for the Royal Navy A Dorset-based science and technology company has secured a £48million contract that will boost the local economy

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mind the gap - in gender pay

Mind the Gap…in Gender Pay!

Do you know what your male counterparts are earning? We all saw the headlines yesterday when the BBC revealed its top earners, showing the inequalities between gender.  Does this go against the grain for the UK, or is it showcasing an endemic issue that we haven’t managed to overcome in the 21st century?! The

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modern employment practice

The Taylor Review: a summary

The long awaited Taylor Review of modern employment practices was released today, at a press conference, hosted by Theresa May. Among the headline recommendations made by the report are a proposal that the current status of “worker” is renamed “dependent contractor” and individuals who fall into this category should receive employment protections, and that those

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talent retention strategy

Do you have a talent strategy?

Research has shown the gap between good performance and great performance is huge – a Talent Retention Strategy is key. “5% of an organisation’s people produce 27% of its output.” This means that a smaller number of talented employees are far more valuable than a large number of average peers. Once we find you that

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andy murray makeover

Business Round Up: July 17

Making sure you don’t miss the important Business News in Dorset, Hampshire and beyond, here is Dovetail’s Business Round-Up of the latest HR & Business headlines.  HR News: CVs have been tailored and read; diaries have been coordinated and interviews aced;you’ve fallen into professional love. The hard part is over. So why, after all this,

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Bournemouth Business News

Dovetail Business Round-up: June 17

Making sure you don’t miss the important Business News in Dorset, Hampshire and beyond, here is Dovetail’s Business Round-Up of the latest HR & Business headlines. General News: Foodies rejoice as No. 34 opens in Bournemouth New Bournemouth restaurant No.34 officially opened its doors to the public, offering Dorset foodies a taste of elegant Michelin-star cooking. No.34

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company holiday policies

Holiday Policies – the good and the bad!

As we enter the start of the holiday season, we thought we’d look at the pros and the cons of the holiday season and the impact it can have on business and employees. We all know how important it is to have time out, to recharge and get away from the everyday humdrum and stresses

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Work news Bournemouth Recruitment + HR, Bournemouth News, Business & HR news in dorset and hampshire

Dovetail Business Round-Up: April

Making sure you don’t miss the important HR & Business news in Dorset and Hampshire and beyond – here is Dovetail’s Business Round-Up of latest headlines + local businesses featured ‘in the news’: General News Why you should treat your staff like customers!Dorset Chamber Chief talks to the Daily Echo about how employers’ say that

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employer perks and benefits

So, what about employer perks & benefits?

The Sunday Times recently published 4 new surveys on the best companies to work for in the UK. Proud local moment: 6 Dorset companies were listed across the 4 surveys, with 3 in the top 25 of  ‘The top 100 companies to work for in the UK’. No. 1 – the local Christchurch company, 4com, No. 13 – Churchill Retirement

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