Young People Using Text Language in Job Applications

Young Jobseekers are submitting job applications in text speak and are requiring more assistance to prepare them for working life, a new report has stated.

The report discovered that young people are overestimating the cost of getting a job and prefer the safety net of the benefits system.

This could be because a lot of young people aren’t getting the most from their education and leaving school without essential numeracy and literacy skills. Additionally, they are lacking soft skills such as time keeping and knowing how to answer the phone.

A lot of young applicants end up being unsuccessful with their applications due to poor grammar and spelling, despite the company not specifically requiring formal qualifications. Applications are being submitted without any form of punctuation or upper case and even abbreviations in words and sentences have been seen.

There remains a fundamental imbalance towards academic study that is out of step with the employment opportunities available to young people and does little to prepare them for working life. Although young people are being supported and the unemployment rate in young people is going down, there are still opportunities for improvement.




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