What to Wear to an Interview

how to dress for interview

Following on from last week’s blog – we thought we’d give you some top tips on how to dress/what to wear for an interview.

Most people know that you should always dig out your best suit or business attire for an interview – but you would be amazed at what some people turn up wearing. So, what to wear to an interview – part of preparing for a job interview is making sure you come across as a good addition to their company. Although appearances shouldn’t matter, it is common to be judged before you’ve even said a word.

Always aim to dress one level up from what you would be expected to wear if you got the job. This portrays your desire to progress and succeed within their company. If you have any doubts it’s best to stick for a classic business suit.  Combine this with a clean shirt or blouse, tie and clean, smart shoes, and it’s doubtful that you’ll look out of place.
What to wear to an interview

Essentially, the more comfortable you feel, the more comfortably you will act.
If you stick to the following rules, you may not secure the job, as this is down to your experience and personality, etc, but it will reduce the chances of the employer being put off to begin with as the first impression can alter how the interviewer leads the interview.

Basics: What to wear to an interview

DON’T dress too casually – even if you have observed that the employees wear casual clothes, try and stick to smart casual at minimum. You are trying to make a good impression at the end of the day.

AVOID headwear –It will come across as you have something to hide. Obviously religious and medical exceptions apply.

MAKE sure it fits! – A suit that looks 3 sizes too big for you can make you look more untidy than smart. If you have had to borrow a suit for an interview, try and ask someone of a similar size. If you like wearing your clothes either slightly looser or tighter try and find something of a more regular fit for an interview.

Keep Covered Up – In some industries, showing off your cleavage and/or midriff may work, but for an interview you should ALWAYS cover up and don’t rely on physical assets to secure you the role.

NO Wacky Ties – they may be funny but the employer is more likely to see you as not being serious about the job rather than being a fun addition to the team.

Less is more – (Unless you’re talking about clothing!) Don’t accessorise too much, don’t overdo the makeup, don’t overdo the perfume and don’t have too much facial hair. You want the interviewer to concentrate on what you’re saying, not staring at your bright red lipstick and trying to avoid your smell. Neutral is better in terms of smells and make up. And make sure facial hair is well trimmed and clean.

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