How to Beat the Blues

how to beat blue Monday

According to the ‘Experts’ the third Monday in January is Blue Monday! So, if you weren’t already aware it’s meant to be the most depressing day of the year, but let’s face it, the whole of January can be a bit of a struggle.

We do things a bit differently at Dovetail Recruitment, so we’re turning it on its head to look at the positives and how we can beat Blue Monday.

What makes it Blue?

According to the formula below – this is how the experts worked it out. So if you’re not feeling blue – here’s why you should :0)

“The formula uses many factors, including weather conditions, debt level (the difference between debt accumulated and our ability to pay), time since Christmas, time since failing our new year’s resolutions, low motivational levels and feeling of a need to take action” Wikipedia

So, without dwelling any more on the ‘what or why’ of Blue Monday we thought we’d look at the why it’s not a Blue Monday. Try not to fall into the trap of feeling blue, there are lots of reasons to enjoy today, the rest of January and 2020 in fact.

The start of a new year (+ decade this year), heralds a world of new challenges and opportunities. So get yourself geared up to grab life, create some new adventures as it’s all just waiting for you.

Here are a few reasons not to feel blue:

  • Not long – We’re nearly halfway through January which is reportedly the most depressing month of the year – so not long to go!
  • Festivities – We’ve just had a fabulous Christmas break seeing lots of friends and family, eating great food and having some downtime to focus on what’s important.
  • Weather – The weather is amazing today – blue skies and sunshine, can’t ask for better! Crisp and sunny mornings have to be one of my favourite types of day and are the most invigorating if you’re able to get outside for a walk or run.
  • Get planning – If you haven’t already planned a holiday, now is the time to start! Holiday plans need to be made which can only be a fun thing to do, so sit down, get comfortable and get brainstorming ideas with friends and family to decide what adventures await this year.
  • Get enough sleep – Lack of sleep makes most of us grumpy – don’t fall into the trap!
  • Meet friends that make you feel good – Nothing beats a good catch up with a close friend
  • Eat well – don’t worry about diets or anything, but try to eat reasonably healthy food that’s also food you love
  • Don’t make Jan harder than it needs to be – No rush for resolutions, delay them until the weather is better
  • Try something new – Aim to do something new this year.  Whether it’s a skill, a new exercise class, going somewhere you’ve never been. Have you ever done a bucket list – why not do one now?
  • Brexit – we might not hear the B word constantly now :0) Hooray!
  • New job – if you’re thinking of a change, it’s buzzing at the moment at Dovetail with new opportunities – take a look at our current vacancies
  • Face it – Got something you need to face, rather than avoid? Most people have some debt they should deal with, so don’t avoid it, face it head on and get it sorted. With Martin Lewis on your side, you’ll be quids in and could help you pay for those holidays you’re planning. By taking control of a situation – you’ll feel empowered and happier you’re not avoiding it anymore.
  • Beach time – At Dovetail Recruitment, we’re incredibly lucky to live by the sea, we’re a stones throw away. Even when the weather is bad – you can’t beat seaside living for the soul and a bit of beach walking  – so get some beach time if you can.
  • Perspective –  It’s a cliche, but very true – there’s always someone worse off than you, whatever your situation is. Try and get your woes into perspective and remember what’s good in your life, it’s easy to take some things for granted. Remember to focus on the positives.
  • Clear the clutter – Why not get the spring cleaning started early and blow some bad habits out the window at the beginning of the year. Tidy house, tidy mind.
  • Cold weather – means we get to wear snuggly boots and jumpers, roaring fires and getting snug….some companies even allow slipper in the office, maybe a step too far perhaps?
  • Laura made biscuits at the weekend – ….what could be better?

There’s no better time to do things better, smarter, faster or just differently – it’s down to you to make it happen.

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Image by Messan Edoh from Pixabay

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Updated 13 January 2020

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