Struggling to Find Quality Candidates?

All across the recruitment industry, everyone’s asking: “Where have all the quality candidates gone?” Filling vacancies with excellent candidates is seemingly getting harder and harder – but why?

Times have changed – and so has the job market. Candidates aren’t just sticking to the same career path anymore; on average, people change jobs 10 – 15 times during their career, making a major change in industry or sector as often as every 5 years.

It needs to be remembered that skills are transferable. The candidate you are looking for may not have worked in your sector before, but could have easily gained the skills needed from other skills. Therefore, it’s best to start by identifying the key skills required for the role, then think of other areas these could translate to. Not only could the candidate offer an interesting, different perspective on the job and industry, but they could also bring in additional benefits to the role and company.

Another trend we are coming across more and more is that candidates now place a huge emphasis on company values and benefits. This means they are often happy to consider a career in a sector they previously had no considered if they felt the company was a good personality match or has offered them the opportunities/culture/benefits they wanted.  This is especially prevalent for the Millennials who are the first generation to value experience over direct wealth.

It is also important to look at the way Social Media has impacted career choices; more companies and individuals are able to put out a constant dialogue of their work – so Social Media exposes people to a massive range of career options, job types and benefits available, allowing candidates more choice.


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