Sloppy CVs Causing Hiring Difficulties among Employers

Employers are struggling to fill graduate vacancies due to careless, cut and paste CVs.

Research has found that 90% of employers said they had not filled their vacancies for this year’s recruitment round. Factors causing this include the fact that graduates do not take their applications seriously and assume that they will get an interview regardless of their application due to their grades and university they attended. Therefore, it is crucial that research is carried out before answering the application questions rather than copying and pasting information from other applications – especially the question “Why have you applied for [this company]?” It is very common that a candidate will have copied and pasted their answer across, leaving a different company’s name in the text; thus making it very important for everyone, especially graduates who seem to think they have better chances, to take time and consideration over applications in order to represent themselves in the best light they can, rather than relying solely on their degree or qualifications.

First impressions really do count, so research is so important – research into the company, the role and tailoring each approach to show why they want that particular job, including the relevant skills they can offer an employer. This is going to increase the chances of the employer looking at the applicants CV and application and considering the graduate for the role.

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