People will do business with people they know, like and trust…

The Recruitment Industry is no different from other industries  – the drive to win new business and grow the organisation is probably the key parameter of daily business life comments Liz Davies, Director of Dovetail Recruitment.

However, retaining existing hard won business is equally, if not, more important.  Customer retention, customer loyalty is not something that just happens.  It is something that has to be nurtured and worked at.

Recruitment is very much a service provision industry and whilst we always strive to provide good service, customer feedback is a valuable commodity in this.  Good business relationships rely on excellent communication and communication is a two-way street.  If customers feel dissatisfied with any aspect of a service provision, then it is better for all parties if any such dissatisfaction is raised at on early stage so that it can hopefully be resolved earlier and easier.  “It is good to talk” as the saying goes!

Whilst social media sites may have a role to play in disseminating news and information, they are no substitute for “face time” in properly understanding the customer relationship.  Even if such time is simply a courtesy telephone call to find out how things are with a customer’s business.

Customers invariably prefer to work with organisations they know, like and trust.  These parameters can be maintained by ensuring commitments to existing customers are regularly renewed.

Dovetail  Recruitment values the relationships it has with all of their customers, and many have provided Testimonials, some of which are on our Website.

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