Why ‘Now is the Time’ to recruit

why is December a good time to recruit

Why NOW is the time to recruit great candidates

Depending on what sector you work in, December can traditionally be a quieter time of year in the office. Many people use this time for planning next year’s campaigns, events, reviewing budgets, reports and researching ideas. So, why is December a good time to recruit?

Contradictory to all the rumours out there, recruitment does not have a quiet time in December.
It is, in fact, one of the best times for employers to try and get a head start to build their team before the January rush.

Six good reasons to recruit in December:

  • Right now, you’re likely to be planning for next year, making sure you’ve got the plans and budgets in place. Make sure you’ve got the right people to help you to achieve those targets.
  • There won’t be so many employers looking to build their team, so there’ll be less competition for you. Get their buy-in before the January rush.
  • If your business is quieter in the run-up to Christmas then you will have more time to hold interviews, and onboard your new employee/s – arrange training sessions, meetings etc.
  • If you are busy then it is an extra pair of hands to help you through the busy times and periods of holiday cover.
  • The festive period is a great time for new employees to get to know a company and settle in, everyone is in good spirits and likely to be more sociable
  • New employees are most likely to leave in 4 weeks of starting a new job, this is less likely if they’re joining at the happiest time of year.
  • The strongest candidates don’t stop looking, if they’re ready for a new role, they’re ready and on the lookout, snap them up before someone else does
  • Get them in place before Christmas and you’ll be able to invite them to the Christmas party so they can get to know the team – a team that gets on well are more productive and supportive

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