Marketing salary surveys – is it time to make a change?

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For all marketers – the latest marketing salary surveys are below. So how does your salary stack up against your peers?

Now and again, it’s always good to take stock of where you are in your career, think about what you’re long term goals are and if you’re on track. Find out which sectors pay their marketers the best salaries and which sectors do marketers most want to work in? See below for details of marketing salaries by job title and by sector.

Take a minute to check if you’re in line with the national averages across the sectors with the latest salary survey from Marketing Week. The survey of 3,435 marketing and digital professionals was conducted in collaboration with Marketing Week’s sister brand Econsultancy – and I’ve summarised the key findings below for you.

Marketing Salaries by Job title

Marketing Job Role Salary + / – since 2016
Marketing Director £80, 344 +£ 166
Market Research Manager £50,230 + £3,839
Marketing Analytics £47,789 + £820
Direct Marketing Manager £47,523 + £1400
Product Management £47, 146 – £3,564
Online Marketing Manager £45,393 – £522
Marketing Manager £45,059 – £1,141
PR Manager £42,710 – £150
Internal Communications £40,037 – £2,140
Brand Management £39,991 – £16
Other Marketing & PR £39,692 + £4,411
Advertising / Sponsorship £39,209 + £3,956
Campaign Manager £39,208 – £1,294
Market Research Analyst £37,244 – £865
Digital Marketing £36,795 + £864
Events Management £36,124 – £2,553
Account Manager £35,590 – £295
Market Research – Executive £30,565 + 4,007
Marketing Executive £29,137 + £920
Direct Marketing Executive £29,033 – £84
Online Marketing Executive £28,030 – £50
PR Executive £27,668 + £963
Events Assistant £24,494 – £82
Marketing Assistant £22,855 + £32



Key Findings

  • Highest jumps in salary in the last year:  go to those in
    ‘other marketing /pr’, Market Research – Executive and Manager and those in ‘Advertisting & Sponsorship.

There is also a survey available on the number of jobs available in marketing generally, in comparison to last year.

  • According to this, the current number of marketing jobs available in the UK is 8,610 – which has decreased by 279.
  • The role most in demand today, is unsurprisingly Digital Marketing Manager at 1223 vacancies, which is up by 166 on last year.
  • The role least in demand is in the category of ‘Advertising & Sponsorship’ at only 38. n.b. This is likely to be due to changes in job titles, and this would naturally fall under a digital marketers or marketers role, along with other responsibilities.

    Marketing Salaries by Sector

Marketing salaries by sector


Key Findings

  • ‘The survey finds that 33% of respondents would like to work in the travel and leisure sector, with 32.3% eyeing up a move into retail, wholesale and ecommerce, while 30.8% show an interest in entertainment.’
  • Gaming & Gambling pay the highest salaries.
  • Education pays the lowest salaries in marketing.
  • Although Utilities is the second highest for salary – only 1.7% of marketers are considering a move into this sector.

You can also take advantage of Marketing Week’s useful Interactive Salary Checker for more insight into how your salary compares in today’s  market.

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