why is marketing important for business?

Why your business needs marketing

A few months back, I unconsciously decided to stop doing our marketing on Fridays. I wanted to dedicate ALL of my time in the week to recruitment. This wasn’t the first time I’d done this, but it was the longest period we didn’t market the business for. I couldn’t see the point in giving up

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How to stay ahead in your marketing career

How to Stay Ahead in Your Marketing Career

Whether you’ve just started a new role; or are well-established within a company and perhaps thinking of a change, here a few pointers on how to stay ahead in your marketing career. Whichever point you’re at in your career, some of the key challenges you face remain the same. I came across an article by

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Must read marketing books, Marketing jobs in Dorset

Must-Reads to Improve your Marketing Skills

If you don’t want to be a coaster, you need to make sure you stay on top of your game.  A good way to to do this is to mix up what you’re reading and make time for some high-value books that could help you add a few strings to your Marketing ‘career skills bow’.

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HR, Recruitment + Business News: Oct 19

We’ve gathered the recent news headlines for HR and Recruitment in Dorset, Hampshire and beyond. Keeping you up to date with everything in the world of HR, work, business and strategy. STRATEGY  WORK & LIFE  HR + RECRUITMENT IN DORSET + LOCAL NEWS STRATEGY 28th Oct Business Insider: Bentley’s CEO of North and South America

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Marketing salary surveys, Marketing Salaries, Marketing jobs Dorset, marketing job vacancy

Marketing salary surveys – is it time to make a change?

For all marketers – the latest marketing salary surveys are below. So how does your salary stack up against your peers? Now and again, it’s always good to take stock of where you are in your career, think about what you’re long term goals are and if you’re on track. Find out which sectors pay their

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Creative minds in business

How Creative Candidates Can Benefit Businesses

Yes, it’s true, creative candidates can benefit businesses and I’m here to explain how. In many workplaces, a lot of focus is put on good grades and academic subjects/thinking. While this is clearly a working model for successful work and business, I feel some employers are missing out on those who haven’t strictly adhered to

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The marketing challenges

The top 5 marketing challenges facing your business

Looking at the wider issues currently facing marketers in 2016, there are top 5 marketing challenges facing your business – as identified in a Bloomberg Media report earlier this year. The report involved speaking to 26 senior marketers across four continents – who were asked to identify the greatest opportunities and challenge for their business in 2016.

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