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29.10. 18
Bournemouth Echo: Ted Baker founder to speak at Bournemouth event.

The IndependentApple CEO Tim Cook says he came out to show children ‘you can be gay and still do big jobs’

Business Insider: 11 words you probably didn’t know were acronyms


The Independent: Asda is set to begin consulting with staff over potential job cuts, and could slash 2,500 roles next year.

The Guardian: How do I stop men talking over me at work?
Try an app to track interruptions, says Sharmadean Reid, then make it clear all voices must be heard

The Guardian: What does ‘smart casual’ actually mean for men?
A company says Meghan Markle created up to 30 new jobs just by wearing a pair of jeans — and it proves the ‘Markle Effect’ is real

The Guardian:A job that provides rising living standards is a thing of the past. Now the route to wealth is through property and pensions

Psychology Future: Future-Proofing Your Career

Personnel Today: Google has dismissed 48 people – including 13 senior managers – over claims of sexual harassment in the past two years.

Skills Provision: Skills-Based Interviews More Efficient than Behavioural

Personnel Today: The UK’s gender pay gap has fallen to 8.6% for full-time employees – its lowest level yet, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Personnel Today: Private sector employers expect to see slower wage growth in 2019, according to analysis from XpertHR.

Personnel Today: Fifth of employers ask about criminal records in potentially unlawful way

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The Independent: HMRC seizes assets from almost 3,000 businesses as government ramps up pressure on late tax payment

The Independent: Charity shops to offer job interview clothes for £10 in new initiative

The Guardian: Three-quarters of UK workers ‘do not receive same pay each month’ Starbucks Just Announced a Simple New Benefit for 180,000 Employees, and It’s Totally Brilliant.

Bournemouth Echo: Koh Thai founder Andy Lennox on his African restaurant

Bournemouth Echo: Micro-businesses springing up across Bournemouth and Poole

Bournemouth Echo: Lush to open Bournemouth hair salon, says Mark Constantine

The Guardian: Don’t believe the World Bank – robots will steal our wages

Business Insider UK: Britain’s richest young entrepreneur is desperate for Brexit so the UK can escape Europe before it collapses

The Independent: Enforcing pay gap reporting for black and minority ethnic workers is a great idea. But what about disabled people?

Business Insider UK: Why it’s totally unsurprising that Amazon’s recruitment AI was biased against women

World Economic Forum: Uniqlo replaced 90% of staff at its Tokyo warehouse with robots The case for an independent labour standards agency
Asda awaits latest judgement in equal pay case Can’t Afford Free Food in the Office Anymore? Here’s How to Cut Work Perks Tactfully

Bournemouth Echo:
Corporate banker quit to be House of Colour consultant

The Independent: Teenager from council estate wins top finance job after Googling ‘richest area in London’ and door-knocking for career advice MPs demand action to improve apprenticeship quality

The Guardian: How do I get my boss to recognise the work I do?

The Guardian: Brexit anxiety for businesses ‘at highest since referendum

Linkedin: The Fear of Better Options

The Guardian: Men with few qualifications ‘most exposed to Brexit

5.10.18 As The Gig Economy Heats Up, Do Incomes Drop?

Forbes.comA Global AI Expert Identifies The Skills You Need To Thrive In The Next 15 Years

3.10.18  : Frustration Is A Sign You Need To Keep Going  Here’s Why People Who Are Easy To Help Are More Successful

The Guardian: ‘No downside’: New Zealand firm adopts four-day week after successful trial

Business Insider UK: Half a million NHS jobs could be slashed in plans by Theresa May’s former policy chief Data Reveals Why The ‘Soft’ In ‘Soft Skills’ Is A Major Misnomer

Bournemouth Echo: 450 jobs could be created with help of growth hub

1.10.18 Here’s Your Starter Kit For Building Career Success

Bournemouth Echo: Roostr will allow nurses and care assistants to make themselves available for work on a self-employed basis.

The Guardian: Britons working harder than ever, says report

The Guardian: How to make time for self-care at work

Workplace Insight: Fathers seek more flexible working, but remain concerned about impact on career

Edinburgh News: Jeremy Balfour: Let’s go to work for disabled people

Business Insider: A former GE and NBC exec was offered a job at Apple and turned it down twice

The Independent: Restaurant and bar bosses will be banned from snatching workers’ tips, Theresa May announces Executive Onboarding Note: The Root Cause Of GE CEO John Flannery’s Failure

And in case you missed it: Ever wondered what a great book does to your brain?

Business Insider UK: The 100 coolest people in UK tech


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