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Looking for Graduate jobs in Bournemouth?

So, you’ve just finished University and got your degree under your belt. Well done you – it’s a great achievement and if you really want to you can put letters after your name! :0). If you’re looking for graduate jobs in Bournemouth or beyond then look no further!

You must have been thinking about the next step and you’re likely to have lots of questions. In a time when UK unemployment is at all-time low,

The jobless rate, remaining at 4%, is at its lowest since early 1975.’ BBC News

…How do you get your dream job after all your hard work?

Do you have any idea what your dream job is? Or what sort of career you’d like? Who has a career anyway these days? That’s from the olden days, isn’t it? (My 9-year old’s new way of referring to my past :0) – fabulous).

Today, who really stays in a job much longer than 5 years? The job market is much more fluid than it used to be, and the workforce is adapting.

The most important thing for Graduates or any candidate really, is to understand what it is that a prospective employer wants, and how do you show them you’ve got it?

This is likely to be a graduates’ key challenge, especially when you haven’t got a great deal of work experience.

When I first graduated and left University, I knew I was moving back to London to get my first proper job, and as an English Lit and Philosophy graduate, I had the romantic idea I wanted to work in publishing – as an Editor. I got myself an interview with a publishing company for a Marketing Assistant job on a peanuts salary and so my journey began.

Within a few months of being at work, I realised that Editorial certainly wasn’t for me and marketing had so much more to offer. This is the reality of getting into the workplace and seeing what it’s all about.

One way of getting your foot in the door of a prospective employer could be to offer yourself as an intern, especially as we are at the threshold of Summer. If this is financially viable, it’s a great way to show them what you can do and also for you to see if you like the company. It’s the best insight into what a company does and the career opportunities it could offer you.

If this is not an option for you, not to worry, here’s our checklist of getting your job search underway.

Graduates Job Search Checklist

#1 CV – Get your CV in order and up-to-date, watch our Career Tips videos, including: How to Format a Graduate CV + best sell yourself.
Plus, see our blog: Write a CV with no work experience sample

#2 – Network – Make sure you’re on Linked In – with an up to date profile detailing your education and any work experience you have. You can also outline the areas of work you’d like to get into – so you get picked up in searches for these skills.

#3 – Register with the reputable recruitment companies in the areas you’re looking for work, like our very good selves.
It’s important you choose the good ones, as you’re asking them to represent you to their client base and your prospective employers – they need to do a good job for you and give you the best chance of securing you an interview.

#4 – Register yourself on the main job boards, this is where recruiters look for candidates like you.

#5 – Research the companies you’d like to work for, and you could approach them directly with a speculative letter

#6 – Write a good covering letter Highlight your most relevant skills and experience. See our top tips on:
How to write the perfect covering letter.

#7 – Social Media – check there’s nothing obvious on your social media footprint that could put a potential employer off.

For more careers advice to help with your job search, see our job search toolkit.

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