Generation Differences In The Workplace

Research carried out by Talent Works has found that generational stereotypes in the workplace may be inaccurate.

Talent Works carried out the survey on 1,200 professionals from four commonly defined generations in the workplace – Baby Boomers, Millennials, Gen Y and Gen Z.

It indicated contradictory findings to many of the preconceptions attached to these generational groups.

Results showed that Gen Z, the youngest group, were not as workshy as they were made out to be. Gen Z  are the most willing employees to be on call 24/7, and were most likely to allow employers to contact them at evenings and weekends.

Gen Z, which is seen to be the most technologically savvy generation and contactable at all times, are actually the least tolerant, along with the Baby Boomers, of using personal technological devices in the workplace.

All generations were asked to describe their ideal culture and atmosphere at work, ‘hardworking’ rated in the top three across all generations.

Research has showed fears that Gen Z may be socially awkward due to a lack of social interaction because they are ‘always online’ and communicating via social media. The results actually showed that Gen Z is no different to other generations as they enjoy teamwork while also being able to work alone at times.

More than 68% of Baby Boomer respondents they have no qualms with a younger line manager. Only 3% said they would feel uncomfortable if their manager was younger than them. It also suggested that the ease of working with a more junior line manager gradually increases with age. This implies that Baby Boomers recognise that have a younger boss can have substantial benefits.

All generations reported that they do not feel they are well equipped for the work environment. Only 32% of Baby Boomers strongly agreed that they are well equipped.


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