Errors on Job Applications at Highest Level since 2011

New research has revealed that 63% of job applications in the first quarter of 2015 contained errors – the highest level since 2011.

The level of mistakes has risen on all sections of CV’s  with the exception of education. However, education is still the area where candidates are most likely to include incorrect information – this happens in 39% of all job applications.

Errors in employment history were seen in 35% of applications, while 30% of job applications claim incorrect information about professional qualifications and memberships.

To attract and recruit the most suitable applicants during this time, businesses need to balance carrying out due diligence that ensures candidates are qualified whilst ensuring a positive recruitment journey.

Resent research shows that almost half (49%) of large organisations often assume that candidates applying for senior positions are trustworthy – whereas people at all other levels are equally capable of lies or embellishment. But no assumptions should be made in recruitment, even when hiring to a high level role. Businesses need to ensure that the people they appoint to senior positions are capable of leading the company in the right direction and ensuring its success.


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