Dovetail Recruiting in the Face of Adversity!

Recruitment Difficulties

The recruitment market may be tough right now, but here at Dovetail Recruitment, we are still working hard and successfully filling our clients’ vacancies from Trainee to Executive level. It’s certainly more challenging to find candidates these days with many clients experiencing Recruitment difficulties, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t still just as successful in doing finding quality candidates, we just have to work a little harder and a little longer! And with our recent testimonial drive, the proof is in the pudding – check out our new reviews on Google here.

If you’re thinking, as a client, ‘why is it so hard to fill these roles?!’ or ‘is it just us or…?’, then here are some facts and figures to show that you’re not the only ones.

Facts and Figures:

The British Chambers of Commerce report on Q2 of 2019 shows that overall, 64% of businesses who are recruiting have said they are currently experiencing recruitment difficulties. More specifically, 81% of businesses with 10 – 249 employees reported that they are currently recruiting, and of those, 71% have reported difficulties.

Looking at our most frequently covered area of the South, we have come out at having the joint 2nd (along with Wales) highest percentage of reported difficulty in recruiting at 71%, only beaten by Northern Island at 76%.

Salaries & Benefits

In addition to reporting on skills shortages, we can see that Q2 has reported the fastest rise in salaries in the last three years, which has also been above the rate of inflation. Times are looking good for our candidates. With unemployment rates continuing to fall, clients are having to work harder to tempt away candidates. Salary isn’t the only thing to consider. We have also seen an increase in enhancing benefits packages, introducing flexible working hours and the option of working from home. We are finding more and more, that candidates are receiving multiple interview requests and job offers, and interviewers are really having to sell the company, role and potential for progression or development to get candidate’s buy in at interview stage.

Some good news:

There is some good news for employers too! The reports on number of firms reporting a skill shortage has in fact fallen from 73% to 64% over the last three months. While it’s still a high figure, a decrease is never a bad thing and perhaps could show a trend for what’s to come?

We at Dovetail Recruitment are still working hard to find our clients the perfect fit for their businesses. Our tenacity and dedication to our clients and candidates has enabled us to continue our best practice and continue to successfully recruit in the face of adversity!

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Full Report:

If you’d like to read the full report, you can find it here:

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