Do’s and Don’ts for Job Hunters

The Do’s and Don’ts for Job Hunters!

The initial application stage…
• Make spelling or grammar mistakes
• Copy and paste between application forms or from the firm’s website
• Fail to follow instructions or to answer the question asked
• Fail to do research – and particularly mention the wrong name for the firm or practice areas that the firm does not offer
• Speak ill of other firms
• Try to side-step minimum requirements, especially on grades
• Create a structured and well-written application
• Give concise answers
• Like experiences and skills to what the firm wants
• Write in standard English: don’t swallow a dictionary
• Show personality, enthusiasm, drive
• Show a good range of extra-curricular activities
• Show development

The interview stage…
• Over prepare or neglect to prepare
• Fail to think about why you want to work at the firm
• Hide your personality
• Forget basic social skills and how to work in a team
• Fail to engage with the interviewer
• Fail to show an interest in the business world
• Fail to give an opinion of asked
• Reel off deals or other data from the firms marketing material
• Be engaging and have energy
• Do your homework and revise what questions may be asked
• Be open and show your personality
• Have the courage to give non-standard answers
• Be confident but not arrogant
• Be calm and collected

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