Never Give Up – Dedication is Rewarded

Samantha Fear – Engineering & Construction Recruitment Consultant

Dovetail Recruitment Employee Recognition Reward

This week, I was delighted to be able to give Samantha the ‘Dovetail Recruitment Employee Recognition Award’ (a voucher to spend at a store of her choice) for her outstanding dedication to a special placement she made this month!

So, why was Samantha’s candidate placement special?

An international Engineering company needed a Business Manager for their company.

  • We were contacted by an international client regarding a role in December of last year, yes last year!
  • Within just a couple of days, Samantha knew she had found “the perfect fit” candidate
  • Having seen their CV, our client was very keen to get an interview set up a.s.a.p
  • The first interview took place just 4 days after Dovetail had sent the CV
  • Great feedback, they wanted to see the candidate for 2nd interviewThen, the unexpected happened, our candidate suffered a severe back injury, and the interviews had to be postponed for 2 months!
    Our client was very understanding, as bizarrely he too had sustained the same injury previously.
  • Samantha continued to liaise between the candidate, client and head office to keep the process moving and all parties updated. This involved weeks of calls and emails which kept everything moving forward “ slowly “ – but importantly still moving forward.
  • After many discussions and a lot of contact with both client and candidate, the interview was set up with the Directors of the company who had flown over from Europe to meet the candidate
  • Finally, the second interview took place, and Samantha’s instincts had been right!
  • Hooray! the official offer came through, the candidate was delighted and happily accepted!
  • So, overall lots of perseverance and patience was needed, and thankfully it all paid off in the end

After 6 months, we have both a delighted candidate and client who knew they were the perfect match for each other from the very start, at the first interview, albeit 6 months ago.

It shows that even against the odds, the dedication from the Dovetail team and great partnerships we have with our clients, means we get placements made in even the most tricky circumstances. We don’t let things lie, especially when we know it’s a perfect match;  and Samantha made it all happen.

Well done Samantha and happy spending!

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