Dovetail Finds the Perfect Fit

Dovetail finds the perfect fit

It’s been a long road but hard work, dedication, perseverance and a lot of liaising has finally paid off. Our client has found their perfect fit and we have a very happy candidate.

Three months ago, our client came to us with a new opportunity for a Sales Manager to join their rapidly expanding, ever progressing business. The candidate had to be a perfect fit to take on a high level of responsibility within our client’s company gaining and driving new and existing business. This is an essential role to the company and finally Dan came along just at the right time. We knew we had found the right person for the job.

The road wasn’t smooth. It was a three stage interview, there were holiday breaks, directors to liaise with, and as any business person knows, conflicting diaries. But we got there in the end. Dan had finally met with all the directors and they came to the conclusion that they would offer him the position. He only too gladly accepted.

Liz and Dan worked together and developed a strong partnership. We were there for Dan from start to finish. Making sure he was well prepared for each interview stage, Liz gave him as much feedback and advice as she could. He was very patient and receptive in all the help we gave. However, at the end of the day it was up to him to get the job and he did it.

Finally three months down the line happy candidate Dan is scheduled to start as the new Sales Manager in January and is really excited. He’s found his perfect job. As a thank you to Liz for all of her hard work, he bought her a beautiful bouquet of flowers! (See picture above) So a big well done to Liz and Dan for their ‘dream team’ like relationship.

Honest and professional, Dovetail Recruitment combine loyalty, passion and a tenacious dedication to deliver the best. We pride ourselves on building loyal, personal and long term partnerships, enabling us to be proud of you and succeed on your behalf. We’re one agency that deliver, and one partner that will exceed expectations.

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