A Rise in Permanent Placements in January 2016.

The 2016 job market has started off with a bang! Recent figures reported by recruitment consultants across the South of England state that there has been a slow but steady increase in the permanent placements of candidates in January 2016.  New data from January has indicated an increase in vacancies. The demand for permanent candidates continued to increase in a rapid concession than that shown for short-term workers. 

However, it is not all good news. Recruiters and businesses have stated that the availability of skilled permanent labour in the South has fallen for the thirty first consecutive month in a row. There was also a decline in the availability for both permanent and temporary staff in the New Year.

New figures have shown that appointment of permanent staff has risen at a more frequent pace for the fortieth consecutive month in January. The highest increases were in London and the North. The Midlands still remain at the top of the growth rankings.

The demand for private sector staff is consistently stronger than the public sector. The private sector also had the highest overall increase in permanent employment while there was a minor increase in vacancies in the public sector.  The most sought after placements were in the Nursing, Care and Medical sector. Executives and Professionals was the second largest sector in demand. Construction and manufacturing companies are finding it increasingly hard to find suitable candidates due to a skills shortage across the country. This is a worrying issue for many companies and businesses alike that want to take advantage of the current climate, but are finding it difficult as the desired candidates are scarce. 

Source: rec.uk.com

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