50% of UK Employees Treated As Numbers

New Research commissioned by Talent Q has found that companies could do more to motivate and retain their staff. Almost half of employees stated that they felt that they were not treated as an individual within the workplace; suggesting that employers categorise their employees as part of homogenous group; in spite of 81% of employees stating that understanding of their motivation and being treated as an individual would better motivate and energise them as well as improve their performance levels.

This research surveyed 1255 employees across various sectors and job roles; but found common results relating to their employers; as well as revealing that almost a third of employees (30%) are not motivated to do their job, with 10% being ‘VERY’ unmotivated. Due to the thoughts and feelings of these employees, it comes as no surprise that over a third (37%) of employees are planning to leave their current job role within the next 12 months.

It was found that the least motivated industry is the finance sector, with 46% of employees reporting to be either ‘VERY’ or ‘FAIRLY’ unmotivated, whereas the most motivated employees were within the architecture, engineering and building sectors, with 79% reporting to be ‘FAIRLY’ or ‘VERY’ motivated.

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