1 in 5 UK Employees Fear Losing Their Job

It has been suggested that some UK employees may feel unsettled within their current employment as 21% of employees are concerned that they will be made redundant this year – while 35% are concerned about their colleagues being made redundant or being affected by redundancies. Younger employees (aged 16-24) are the most concerned of all age groups that they will be made redundant this year (27%).

If employees were to be made redundant or lose their current job for whatever reason, 3 in 10 (30%) report optimism that they could find a job matched to their experience and current level within the next six months. This confidence is held more by full time employees (32%) than part time employees (23%) – although those who are self employed are the most confident (35%). Younger employees (aged 16-34) are most confident (36%) that they would be able to secure a job that matched their experience and current compensation levels within the next 6 months.

Despite the fear that many employees hold regarding losing their job – 34% (1 in 3) of employees expect to receive a pay rise within the next 12 months – this confidence of increase in pay is higher among men (42%) than women (24%), with significantly more confidence held by those in the East (43%) and South East (40%) of England – whilst employees in London had a much lower level of confidence (24%).

One in three (34%) employees,  including those who are self employed, believe their company’s business outlook will improve within the next 6 months, although most employees (56%) believe that it will remain the same, yet 1 in 10 (10%) believe it will get worse.

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