UK Can Lead Way in Hiring Returning Executives

Once people start leaving your company, it can be expensive and time consuming looking for someone who has the experience and expertise required – however, there is a solution for that. Go for ‘returners’.

There are many highly skilled female executives who have excellent experience that have had to leave their position due to going on maternity leave and looking after their family. According to a survey, around 40% of the top business women leave the workforce in order to have children.

Regardless of the amount of time these women have been out of work, they still have the expertise and skills to manage a department, budgets and devise corporate strategies. Their time out of work does not mean these skills are lost, they simply just have had some time out but once they are ready to get back into the workplace they can easily put their skills and experience to use – unlike other returning employees who have had a career break, these highly experienced women are not prepared to return to a junior role or dead end job. They are looking to return to the role they once had. In order to get to where they were they must be bright and hardworking, so will not take long to get up to speed with the role.

Temporary contracts could be the way forward with this – this would benefit both the employee as well as the company. The employee would be able to get back into her role and the company would be able to have access to large corporate experience without the commitment of having to take on someone permanently.

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