Max Whitlock shares Top Tip for Success

Top tip for success

I caught some of BBC Breakfast news earlier this week with Max Whitlock, our very own Olympic gold gymnast who inspired me to share his philosophy he gave on the red sofa. Ah ha, I thought that’s a top tip for success.

In case you don’t know who he is, and there can’t be many that don’t … Max Whitlock is a British artistic gymnast and a five-time Olympic medallist. Becoming Britain’s first ever gold medallist in artistic gymnastics at the 2016 Summer Olympics, he is the most successful gymnast in UK history.

He said something that was really refreshing when being asked about how he competes, and I think it’s a great mantra we should all adopt for starting the New Year. It went something like this:

“When I’m competing, I concentrate on just me and my performance.
I don’t worry about the leader board, or anyone else’s score.
I like to focus my energies on doing the best I can do and if I do my best – I know I’ve done everything I can and the scoreboard takes care of itself.”

This is such a great philosophy to have and really think this is the attitude we should all try to adopt for 2020. More often than not we can find ourselves getting caught up in comparisons and statistics, rather than concentrating on ourselves and what we’re good at. Instead we worry about how well others are doing.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves how good we are and remember what we’ve achieved. We also need to understand our potential and what we are capable of. Many of us are too self critical and  too quick to put ourselves down. Now, I don’t know if this is a British trait but we need to learn to remember all the good stuff, rather than the bad. 

So, key message is – If you’re looking for a new job in 2020 as apparently nearly half the nation are planning to this year, according to a Personnel Today article, then make sure you recognise your own achievements and you can sell them; otherwise your potential employers will struggle to recognise what you can offer them.

Thanks Max – wise words!

Personnel Today

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