Top 20 Career Tips


The following are our top 20 tips to help you with everything from your job search to being happy in the office:

  1. First Impressions are Critical

People build a perception of you within 30 seconds of meeting you, and these often stick, so make sure you get off on the right foot. From the minute you step foot in their car park to the minute you are off their premises, be friendly to all you meet.

  1. What You Study at University Does Not Have to Dictate Your Career

After getting your degree, don’t feel like your career path is set in stone. University also provides you with many other transferable skills that will benefit you in a number of industries; so do what you enjoy not what you feel you have to.

  1. You Don’t Necessarily Need a Degree

A lot of professionals without degrees have gone on to have very fulfilling and successful careers. Sometimes natural talent beats qualifications, so if you work hard, you can still get where you want to be.

  1. Success is a Marathon Not a Sprint

Things don’t just happen overnight; even those who work the hardest still have to wait and work towards where they want to be. Career success comes from work and commitment over time.

  1. Don’t Become Defined By Your Job

There’s a lot more to you than your job title; so don’t let it become your identity. Make sure to have a life outside of work and don’t allow yourself to work late every night, every week.

  1. Likeability Is The Most Valuable Trait

People want to work alongside people that they can get along with and give off positive vibes. You can build better relationships with colleagues, as well as managers, which could be beneficial in the future – so be nice.

  1. Always Be Nice to the Receptionist

Receptionists have more influence than you think, and people talk. So be nice to everyone – whether you are at the interview stage or have been with the company for 20 years.

  1. A Little Bit of Flattery with Get you a Long Way

When filling out an application form, on the telephone to the employer or in an interview, the interviewer doesn’t just want to hear about you, they also want to hear what makes them such a desirable employer – so throwing in a few compliment wouldn’t hurt.

  1. Body Language Speaks Volumes

Whether in a job interview or a meeting, the way you hold yourself can tell a lot about what you’re thinking and feeling. Try and appear more confident and self-assured by sitting up straight and maintaining eye contact.

  1. The Best Opportunities Aren’t Always a Step Up in your Career

You may pass up opportunities that aren’t necessarily a progression from your current role; maybe it’s more of a side step – well don’t write these off – they could actually benefit your career and allow you to gain more skills and experience.

  1. Learn How to Address Stressful Situations

Over stressing doesn’t do anyone any good. If you’re feeling overly stressed or overwhelmed at work, give yourself a breather and ask for help.

  1. Don’t Make Enemies

You never know who knows you and you don’t want to get yourself a bad reputation. Also, conflict at work can make days in the office very awkward.

  1. Don’t Underestimate the Value of a ‘To Do’ List

You might think you’ve made a mental note of all the tasks you need to get done, but you can’t always rely on that. There is also something rather satisfying about ticking items off, one by one, when they are complete!

  1. Social Media isn’t Just for Stalking Old School Friends

Social media also have other benefits; from job searching, to connecting with the decision makers in companies to even getting yourself a job! So if you want to increase your chances of being headhunted, or finding a new job or company that’s right for you, you need to dedicate time to building a professional presence online. LinkedIn is a great start, however, Twitter and Facebook, etc. are becoming just as effective.

  1. Being Different is Sometimes Worth More than Being Better

Demonstrating a unique quality that sets you out from the crowd can often get you further than proving that you are technically more qualified, so don’t be afraid to show personality.

  1. Don’t be Afraid to Question Authority

Just because they’re your boss doesn’t mean that you can’t express your thoughts and opinions if you disagree with the way something is being done or what is expected of you. Just make sure you approach it professionally and rationally.

  1. Networking Doesn’t Have to Be Nerve Wracking

If you’re more of an introvert, networking events can be daunting. Try and pinpoint other introverts in the room for a one-on-one conversation which can be significantly less daunting.

  1. Choose Job Satisfaction Over Money

We spend a lot of our time at work, so you don’t want to stay in a job you are miserable in, or even hate, because of the money. If there’s something you’d rather be doing but pays a bit less then go for it! In the long run you’re more likely to excel because you’re enjoying it.

  1. Avoid Smelly Food in the Office

Don’t be the person people are talking about behind your back. Be considerate and think of others.

  1. Don’t Take Your Colleagues Pens, Mugs, Paperclips…

Don’t do it. It never ends well.


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