Time for a Fresh Start?

Time for a new job, Time for a fresh start, change of the seasons, Hello autumn

The new term and new season is fast approaching  = a fresh start
and maybe time for a new job ? 

Are you ready? It’s nearly back to school time…and yes, I’m starting to get the blues that Summer is on it’s way out but at least it’s been a hot one! As much as I love Summer, I do also love the transition into Autumn and everything it brings. So, yes time to embrace the change of the seasons….
It brings the fresh start of a new school year and the new term. Even when we’ve been out of school for many years, :0) the new academic year is ingrained in us.

Time for a new job, house, diet?

It’s a chance for all of us to do things differently – whatever it might be, small or large. It’s an opportunity to turn over a new leaf, do things better, whether that’s in work or home life.  Eat better, drink less, lose weight?
You might consider if it’s time for a new job, start looking to move house, start a new course, learn to drive, or go back to college and learn something new. The possibilities are endless.

Learn something new

There are so many ways to learn something new today – online courses, evening college classes and even youtube !
Here are a few resources to get you started: lynda.com, udemy.com, futurelearn.com

It’s a chance to shop the new season, update your wardrobe, invest in a new coat maybe; or a new bag? I enjoy finding out what the new trends are and attempting to keep up with the changing fashion :0)
Vogue have gathered some key looks for What to wear to work, at varying budgets – ideal for inspiration to start building your Autumn look. The Telegraph have some great suggestions too…(if you subscribe) on how to start your new season wardrobe .

The world of Stationery

And then of course, there’s stationery, now I might not need a shiny new pencil case any more (or do I?) But I LOVE stationery and what better time to get some new items for work, new pens, notebooks, notelets if you like to do things a little old school now and again. Vogue have listed some of the best places for stationery – whatever your style. If that hasn’t quenched your thirst, here are 22 more recommended by CreativeBoom, then there’s Elum Designs and our old favourite Paperchase.

Out with the old, and in with the new, brings a real sense of renewal.

New clothes, bag, shoes, haircut + stationery = new, improved me who will do everything better, learn those new skills, be amazing at work, at home and generally in life.

Hello Autumn…

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Many thanks to joiseyshowaa for use of this great image

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Vogue – Stationery
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