The Recession Generation

Teenagers. We all have a stereotypical image of them; carefree, don’t get out of bed, impulsive and sometimes wild. Films and television programmes portray them as party animals that live day to day without a worry about consequences.

Well, times have changed. Teenagers have strayed from these stereotypical images we have from when we were growing up. A range of surveys and polls show that today’s teenagers are more likely to worry about their futures than their parents, grandparents, etc. did. Teenagers are now less likely to take risks that impact on their futures, with many already focussing on savings and pensions. And, new NHS figures released last month revealed that teenage drinking, smoking, drug taking and pregnancy levels have all dramatically fallen.

Although the previous generation were showing signs of the new, more serious attitudes towards life; moving on from the Millennial baby’s who saw celebrities becoming famous overnight and seeing young people making millions online, current teenagers do not expect something for nothing and seem to be more aware that in order to get far, you need to work hard.

We are witnessing probably the biggest change in teenage attitudes since the 1960’s. It’s going to have a huge impact on businesses – on strategy, marketing, sales and product design – whether it’s positive or disruptive; there will be a huge impact.

Source: IOD Director Magazine September 2015

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