How to Make Candidates Feel Comfortable in a Telephone Interview

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Telephone Interview Tips: Advice for Clients

It is normal for candidates to be nervous in an interview; this can sometimes cause the candidate to cause fatal interview errors. Not only has the candidate missed out on securing what could potentially be their dream job, you may have missed out on an excellent candidate. This is only made more challenging by the inevitability of telephone interview.

Therefore, in order to put your candidate at ease and reduce the risk of these errors occurring, follow the following tips to help the candidate feel more relaxed:

Provide as much information as possible:

The unknowns involved in the interview process are the main reason candidates get so nervous. So by providing as much practical information about the interview, you can make them feel safe and prepare for it.

When confirming the interview with the candidate, try and specify the topics you wish to address in particular and give the candidate tips about the company culture and dress code – enabling them to feel more prepared and in turn be able to feel at ease and perform better in the interview.

Be clear about what they can expect:

Explain the hiring process in detail, provide a list of the main steps as well as an estimated time frame – this way the candidate is aware of what to expect. There is no such thing as too much information in this case. Even explaining how you will contact them, what you expect back from them and any other practical indications can enable the candidate to feel confident in doing the telephone or Skype interview.

The first moments:

Be friendly, greet each candidate by name. Perhaps open with some small talk about the current situation and the fab weather we’re currently having! Then, begin the interview telling them a few words about the company. By now, the candidate will feel a bit more relaxed and prepared.

Introductions are another important step – quick introductions to your team if they’re also on the skype interview is part of business etiquette and a good idea. Give a brief overview of the team and explain each team member’s role and their responsibilities.

Give candidates time to respond:

Ensure the candidate has lots of time to ask relevant questions and provide insightful responses to your queries. The worst thing to do would be to rush candidates – give them time.

Limit distractions:

Once the interview has started, one of the worst things that can happen is for another piece of technology to ring or an email to ping in. Your task is to limit all distractions – tell your colleagues not to disturb you and turn your phone and computer on silent. This shows the candidate that they have your full attention – allowing them to feel more confident and relaxed with you.

You should also provide a comfortable atmosphere during the interview, you will see candidates start warming up to you and respond to your questions honestly – the perfect occasion for assessing their talent.


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