Technology Threatens 1 in 3 Jobs

A recent report has revealed that 35% of jobs could be replaced with technology within the next 20 years. The jobs most at risk are those with repetitive duties; administrative support, sales production and construction were all defined as being ‘high risk’ and those most likely to be replaced by automated devices. However, it was found that 40% of UK jobs in financial services, computing, engineering and science, education, legal services and healthcare were regarded as low risk or of no risk at all.

Job roles which pay less that £30,000 per year are almost five times more likely to be replaced by automation than jobs that pay over £100,000.

However, looking at past trends, when one role is taken over by technology, another emerges. This has been seen over the last twenty years with the number of job opportunities that have been created due to the modern computer. So, even though some traditional clerical roles may seem to be on their way out, a large number of new opportunities are being created alongside new technology.

Technological advances are likely to cause a major shift in the UK labour market in the coming decades which will create both challenges and opportunities. Therefore, businesses, policy makers and educators are being urged to fully anticipate the likely changes to the work place in order to bypass avoidable unemployment and under employment.

Rapid development in technology and use of new systems in the workplace indicate a significant shift in job types, with clerical and support services being replaced with roles which require digital, management and creative skills. Roles involving data protection, social media and cyber security are now in high demand – therefore whilst some doors may be closing, pathways to new pastures are fast becoming available to those who are willing to take on new challenges.


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