how to retain employees

How to retain your employees

How to retain employees If employee retention is currently just a phrase you hear dotted about in yearly reports, it’s time to rethink! There are many reasons why including consideration for employee retention in your plan for 2024 could be a great move. Read on for some top tips on how to retain your employees.

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War for Talent

The ‘War for Talent’ continues

As we approach 2018 there are a few trends that are sure to continue, one of them is The War for Talent! According to a survey run by Paycor in August 2017, this is a key concern for HR managers and something that is keeping them up at night. This is not a surprise, it’s

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work life balance

Key stats on the ‘work-life (im)balance’

It’s National Work-Life week:  2nd Oct-6th Oct. A great opportunity for working families and their employers to focus on well-being at work and the work-life balance. We thought we’d look at some of the key issues facing the UK workforce as we strive to get it right – it’s fair to say getting the work-life balance has become

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