Talent Trends

Top Talent Trends of 2020

There’s lots in the media at the moment on ‘work-life balance’, ‘flexible working hours’ and ‘artificial intelligence’, and how these are the latest talent trends set to change not only how businesses function, but also how they recruit. Simon Blockley, CEO at Guidan Globale, has done a great article in the Recruiter Magazine this month.

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War for Talent

The ‘War for Talent’ continues

As we approach 2018 there are a few trends that are sure to continue, one of them is The War for Talent! According to a survey run by Paycor in August 2017, this is a key concern for HR managers and something that is keeping them up at night. This is not a surprise, it’s

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employer perks and benefits

So, what about employer perks & benefits?

The Sunday Times recently published 4 new surveys on the best companies to work for in the UK. Proud local moment: 6 Dorset companies were listed across the 4 surveys, with 3 in the top 25 of  ‘The top 100 companies to work for in the UK’. No. 1 – the local Christchurch company, 4com, No. 13 – Churchill Retirement

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Creative minds in business

How Creative Candidates Can Benefit Businesses

Yes, it’s true, creative candidates can benefit businesses and I’m here to explain how. In many workplaces, a lot of focus is put on good grades and academic subjects/thinking. While this is clearly a working model for successful work and business, I feel some employers are missing out on those who haven’t strictly adhered to

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