Recruitment Specialists don’t always hit the mark

Specialist recruiters not always best, don't always hit the mark

We all know that finding the right people for your company is crucial to business success. We thought we’d look at why specialist recruiters aren’t always best and it makes much better sense to stick with your ‘specialist generalist’ agency, i.e. us.

We also all know that some job roles are harder to fill than others. This is usually due to the more niche skill set that a role requires, rather than because there is a candidate shortage, and these job roles sometimes fall into the ‘specialist’ recruiter category.

The most common job roles that specialist recruiters look after usually fall into the following sectors:
Accountancy, Distribution, IT, FMCG, Procurement and these roles aren’t just senior level as you might expect, but at all levels, apart from entry-level or trainees of course.

Specialist Recruiters not always best

Quite satisfyingly, the Dovetail team have recently put a few specialist recruitment agency noses out of joint and on several occasions too!  And no, we’re not mentioning any names :0)

Not only do we want to shout about how great a job we’re doing, naturally, but I wanted to remind employers out there that the specialists aren’t guaranteed to get it right, just because they call themselves special.

One of the main reasons you should save the ‘specialists’ for back up rather than using them for your first port of call, is that your ‘specialist generalist’ recruiter, (that’s us :0) ) knows you, knows your business and knows the sorts of candidates that really fit the bill.

Also, a specialist recruitment agency is likely to be further afield. This is quite a substantial negative as they can’t meet your potential candidates face-to-face and get a true and accurate impression of the potential candidates they might be putting forward. This is a pretty vital point when you’re choosing a recruitment agency to get it right for you.

Potential pitfalls of specialist recruitment agencies

  • Short term relationships
  • Often not locally based

At Dovetail Recruitment, we make sure we meet every candidate and client in person. As you know, we like to build long term relationships with our clients, or partners, so we really get a feel for a company, their ethos and values.
It’s through building this relationship that we can find you the right candidates that will match both the job role and also be a great company fit.

So, who you gonna call?

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