Slower Growth of Placements and Salaries in September

A new report has revealed that the rate of growth in permanent staff placements eased to a ten month low during September, while candidate availability continued to fall.

However, the rate of placements for temporary and contract placements remained strong; growing for the seventeenth consecutive month. Salaries for temporary and contract placements saw the lowest growth for four months.

The growth in permanent placements was seen to be strongest in the north of England, while London saw the lowest rate of growth. Temporary placements grew strongest in the Midlands; however were the weakest in the South of England.

Meanwhile, the demand for employees grew at a considerably stronger pace within the private sector than the public sector.

The engineering sector had the highest demand for permanent staff in September, with the slowest rise in demand being seen among the hotel and catering industries. The most demanding industries for temporary roles were seen within nursing, medical and the care sectors.

The increasing lack of candidates continues to be a worry as it is starting to spread across more industries rather than just engineers and IT specialist.


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