Salary Survey – Lets talk numbers…!

Salary Survey – Let’s talk numbers…..!

Good calibre candidates are always in demand, no more so than under the current economic climate, where companies may find themselves with fewer staff, but want and need the best.

Therefore, the current market place is seeing a shift in salaries as some candidates are in high demand. To help local businesses and Dovetails own clientele, with their projections for next year, the team at Dovetail Recruitment will be conducting research across the area during December. By contacting businesses to analyse a broad spectrum of job types and their respective salaries, they will be able to produce a local salary survey. This report will be compiled in January 2012 and will then be issued to all clients FREE of charge.

What makes Dovetail Recruitment stand head and shoulders above the crowd is that they go the extra mile for their clients. To this end, Dovetail has added an additional service. “Finding good calibre staff is even more important in these difficult times” says Liz Davies, Managing Director of Dovetail Recruitment, “and as well as conducting face to face interviews, we also now provide Belbin Personality Profiling Reports to clients, on all applicants, selected for interview.

If you would like to take part in our Salary Survey then please do not hesitate to call the team at Dovetail on 01202 585515 or email Managing Director Liz Davies on

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