Salaries in Dorset and Hampshire are on the up!

salaries in dorset and hampshire are on the up

Earlier in the week, we looked at marketing salaries nationwide: Marketing Salary Surveys – Is it time to make a change? , but what’s going on our neck of the woods?
What are the salary levels currently looking like in Dorset and Hampshire? Is your company on track?

Salaries in Dorset and Hampshire

The IHS Markit monthly Recruitment Industry Survey provides great insight into the recruitment market, with a focus on the south.
Interestingly, February 2017 saw a sharp rise in starting salaries nationwide…., and it gets better! there was an increased rise (against this average) in the South of England, for the second month in a row.
Salaries in Dorset and Hampshire

To summarise the key findings:

• Permanent job vacancies have hit a 12 month high – but the challenge clients are facing is how to fill their vacancies.

• The number of candidates available for job roles, is still dropping making it increasingly important for employers to move quickly and sell themselves – in order to capture the top talent out there

• The challenge is even more marked for Employers in the south as they saw the quickest drop in the availability of permanent candidates. Nationwide staff availability fell at it’s quickest rate in over one year.

• Average weekly earnings in the South East, are only second to those in London, at £648, the South West earnings average £562, coming 4th.

• Nationwide, salary inflation hit an 11-month high.

References: All figures and findings provided by IHS Markit


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