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As the latest IHS Markit report shows the job market is still buoyant on the South Coast and salaries are continuing to rise – there is a great demand for skilled candidates right now. Considering a move to Bournemouth?

I wouldn’t like to sound smug or anything – but I’ve never looked back from moving to Bournemouth from London, which is approaching 6 years ago now. I still can’t believe I live by the sea and I don’t think the novelty will ever wear off.

Previously, I’d lived in London my whole life spare a few years away at University. I can say I’m a born and bred Londoner and the thought of moving too far away from the ‘hub of it all’ of had made me a little jittery, to say the least. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to find a suitable job for the skills I’d built up and was worried there’d be little demand …How silly was I!?

Samuel Johnson’s words still echo in my ears – “when you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life…”

No chance, I’ve never tired of London, and never will – I still love my occasional day trip or weekend dose of hectic London life. I switch back into London mode as I step off at Waterloo – breathe in the ‘London air’ and get my march on.

But, having been landlocked for 30 years, I was ready to try something new. Life with children is somewhat different in London, and when I started to job search by the coast I was pleasantly surprised by what I found in terms of working life and of course leisure!

Always one for diligent research, I checked out the brands and large companies residing in the area, and discovered some refreshing brands and big names such as Lush, Organix, DragonFly, JP Morgan, LV, Farrow & Ball to name a few.

Over the last few years, Bournemouth has also seen a surge in the digital sector, securing it’s place on the map a few years ago with the Tech Nation Report.

Earlier this year, the Tech Nation Report stated:
“The thriving tech industry in Bournemouth and Poole has a greater proportion of high-growth businesses than its counterparts anywhere in the country.”

Plus there’s a real trend for start-ups and entrepreneurial projects taking off, with spaces such as THIS workspace, in Bournemouth and creative co-working spaces such as The Old School House and the Factory Studios.

Personally, I think Bournemouth & Poole have been a well-kept secret until recently. When I announced to my family I was moving to the coast, my grandpa of 91 said, Isn’t that where people go to die! ;0) Love it! Sadly, I was worried about being able to get a good coffee and things closing at 6pm!

I confess I do still struggle a little, when I have to wait 15 minutes in a queue for a mocha and have to restrain myself, as steam literally starts to come out of my ears, and I start going red ( TG it hasn’t happened too recently though)!

Historically seen as one of the retirement hubs of the UK, this part of the South Coast has thankfully been a great surprise in terms of what’s going on – luckily it’s not the sleepy town I’d first thought. There’s business buzz, bohemian and vintage, a host of arts events across the region, plus the music scene is full on! Business networking events are everywhere – so there’s no excuse, whichever path you choose of full-time employment, part-time, or self-employed.

There has been a surge in news recently of great stuff going on in the area! : Digital & Start-ups, Construction, Business Success, Retail Success, Coastal Bids, as well as new retail developments such as the BH1 and the Hilton opening in Bournemouth. There is building work going on everywhere too, there have been so many positive stories I can’t remember them all!

Mudeford, Christchurch has previously made the list of top 10 places to live in the UK and we also have the thriving and popular Bournemouth University and Arts University of Bournemouth in the centre of town. Many talented graduates are choosing to stay in the area, rather than move elsewhere – and why wouldn’t you – when it’s been compared to cities such as Stockholm and Sydney – as being part of a business renaissance. The digital and arts scenes are certainly vibrant.

Demographically, there has also been an influx of young families moving into the area.

“Historically Bournemouth has suffered from negative rates of natural increase and has relied on immigration to maintain population growth. In 2007 however, births exceeded deaths for the first time, and this trend has continued through to 2011.

This, coupled with a substantial increase in people moving into the area, has led to a sharp rise in the resident population since 2001.
Of the total population, 3.3% are 85 or over, compared to 2.2% nationally; however the largest group of people moving into the area are students in the 16-24-year age group, and 9% of the current population are between 20 and 24. In England, this age group accounts for only 7%.”

Is this reason enough to think about a move to the coast?

Plus, I hear the seagulls daily and have to remind myself I’m not on holiday! I might even make it to a yoga beach session later, or just go for a seaside supper at one of my favourite places, Urban Reef.

Feeling smug –never.

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