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25th Nov
Business Insider:
Uber just lost its licence to operate in London
LVMH confirms deal to buy Tiffany for $16.2 billion in its largest acquisition ever

A Harvard Business School professor says that it might be a good idea to shut down Facebook or Google for ‘a day or a week in order to show that it is democracy that rules here’

24th Nov
Business Insider: The ‘PayPal Mafia’ formed in the early 2000s, and includes everyone from Elon Musk to the Yelp founders. Here’s where the original members have ended up.

18th Nov

Marketing Week:
Lots of agencies sound the same, how can potential clients tell the difference?
Marketers offer their views on the John Lewis Christmas ad

8th Nov
Business Insider: Gap’s CEO just stepped down. Here are the 30 most dramatic exits in a record-breaking year for CEO departures.

7th Nov
Marketing Week: Recommended reading: Thinking forward and outsourcing dilemmas

1st Nov
Forbes: Twitter, Facebook And Acting Responsibly


25th Nov
HR News:
The Top Five Reward Trends that shaped 2019
How to prevent your employees ‘pulling a sickie’
5 Wise Ways to increase employee performance

22nd Nov
HR News: 20.3m British workers – 3 out of 5 people – of all income groups affected by money worries
Personnel Today:
Businesses find themselves in modern slavery limbo
London tech companies failing to hire from diverse talent pool
The Guardian:
Scale of hidden jobless now visible
How can I convince my exhausted colleague to take time off?
People Management:
Swearing in the workplace is rife, finds new survey
One in five HR professionals ‘do not feel valued by their business’
Mis-gendering and the importance of pronouns in the workplace
Business Insider: 14 jobs requiring a bachelor’s degree that might not be around in 10 years
People Management: Five ways to create a coaching culture
The Guardian: The lifestyle happiness manager – a very modern dogsbody

21st Nov
People Management:
Shorter working weeks aren’t the route to better productivity
Carers should be given a week’s paid leave, says charity

18th Nov
The Guardian: More fathers are taking paternity leave, but mothers are still doing all the work
Personnel Today:
How recruitment tech could ease the social care skills crisis
‘No gimmicks’ – how to attract more women into tech
Action on gender pay gap has accelerated across Europe
UK workers in Europe lose opportunities over Brexit uncertainty
HR News:
A guide to quick and convenient office relocation

How to Write Great Interview Feedback
People Management: How to turn your employees into advocates

15th Nov

HR News:
63% of UK employees value kindness as a leadership trait
Two in five Brits will never add work colleagues on social media

14th Nov
People Management:
Most meetings do not lead to concrete actions, says academic
Working remotely more than three days a week harms workplace culture, study suggests
Business Insider: Is it so bad to lie in a job interview? An ethics professor explains why it’s not worth the risk.
HR News:
UK businesses could lose up to £195 Million a day as half of Brits look to change jobs in the next year
It’s lonely at the top: One in four senior leaders admit to feeling isolated at work
Personnel Today:
Goodbye HR, hello ‘People’ – Download the Changing Face of HR report
Labour’s 2030 gender pay gap pledge ‘completely unrealistic’
The Guardian: Could job sharing solve universities’ big gender pay gap problem?
Personnel Today: Eight in 10 want right to know male colleagues’ salaries

13th Nov
E-Financial News: Deutsche Bank’s new head of HR is more than just friends with the CEO

11th Nov
The Guardian: I’m a mental health nurse. There are no good decisions, only least bad ones
HR News: The Top Trends the Talent Pool Want in Your Business
Personnel Today: Lib Dems pledge £10,000 ‘skills wallet’ for all adults
HR News: General Election 2019: What do employers need to know?
The Guardian: Thousands of UK workers’ pay to rise as living wage increases
HR News:
How HR can support seasoned employers in the digital workplace
How easy is it to implement a four-day week?
Revealed: Small gestures of kindness = big impacts on employee health
Personnel Today: Executives lose wrongful dismissal claim over WhatsApp porn

8th Nov
People Management:
Serial whistleblower was unfairly dismissed by employer fearful of further disclosures
Understanding transgender rights at work
How can we overcome the UK’s long hours culture?
Personnel Today: Labour promises 12 months of maternity pay
The Guardian: The continuing gender pay gap is shameful. Labour will use the law to end it

7th Nov
The Guardian: University staff don’t want to strike for fair pensions and pay, but we’re being forced to
Personnel Today:
Shorter City trading day would ‘boost diversity and work-life balance’

Hospitals may seek to ward off winter crisis with cash offer to doctors
The Guardian:
Mothers promised full year of maternity pay in Labour manifesto
UK work absence due to sickness ‘halved in past two decades’

4th Nov
The Guardian: Microsoft tests 4 day week and productivity increased by 40%
Personnel Today:
Minimum wage rises will ‘not end low pay alone’
McDonald’s CEO leaves firm after workplace romance
HR News: Employee benefits strategies to prioritise wellbeing
Personnel Today: Disabled staff work the ‘next two months for free’

2nd Nov
The Guardian:
Asda extends deadline for workers to sign new contracts
Samantha Cameron under fire as fashion label breaches employment rules

1st Nov
People Management: Operations manager ordered to pay compensation following alleged racist remark
Personnel Today: Amazon opens its doors to public scrutiny
HR News: The perks of employees having business smartphones
Personnel Today:
FTSE 100 firm faces landmark modern slavery legal challenge
Survey digs deeper into why doctors are at risk of burnout 
‘Up to 12,000’ Asda staff face dismissal this weekend
Forbes: Take The Nike Approach To A Job Search To Get An Unfair Advantage


25th Nov
Business Insider:
10 things mentally strong parents do with their children

A time-management expert says there’s one important downside to the 4-day workweek, even if it does make you more productive

23rd Nov
The Guardian: ‘The Tories stole my state pension when I was 60, now I want it back’

18th Nov
Business Insider: 6 ways introverts can instantly become more likable without saying much

16th Nov
Business Insider: I’m a tech CEO who tried to give up my smartphone for a year. I wasn’t fully successful — but it did make me a better leader

11th Nov
The Guardian: ‘I would burn in hell before returning’ – why British teachers are fleeing overseas

8th Nov
Business Insider: How to prepare for 5 important career moments

3rd Nov
The Guardian: Blue spaces: why time spent near water is the secret of happiness
Business Insider: A new study shows that Americans actually have plenty of free time to exercise — they’d rather just spend it on their phones

2nd Nov
Business Insider: My husband and I have a ‘family meeting’ every week, and it saved our marriage after I became a mom
The Guardian: ‘Start off in a friendly manner’: how to have the money conversation
Business Insider: 17 hours a day, 7 days a week: Cruise-ship workers describe the gruelling conditions they face on the job

1st Nov
Business Insider: I spent a day following an Instagram influencer around New York City to see what her job was really like — and it was way more work than I expected
HR News: ‘No desire to retire:’ Half of UK adults plan to work after they have ‘retired’
The Guardian: My time on The Apprentice taught me a lot about black men in business


25th Nov
Bournemouth Echo:
Nationwide sees its profits plunge
John Lewis at Westquay is transforming into a ‘concept shop’

22nd Nov
Bournemouth Echo: Big Sleep Easy event raises over £30,000
21st Nov
Bournemouth Echo:  New company for Purbeck employment park

20th Nov
Bournemouth Echo: Daily Echo’s parent company Gannett merges with New Media
McCarthy & Stone wants to get local firms into its supply chain

18th Nov
Bournemouth Echo: Farrow & Ball takes New York Times ad after Saturday Night Live skit

15th Nov
Bournemouth Echo:
Ringwood couple with passion for sustainable fashion open shop in Poole
Lush launches new generation of stores in Europe

12th Nov
Bournemouth Echo:
Jimmy’s Iced Coffee launches roasted beans range
Holes Bay industrial estate plans could create 260 new jobs in Poole

8th Nov
Bournemouth Echo:
Greggs sees sales rise – and reports boost from Brexit delay
Hundreds turn out as Christchurch marks Remembrance Sunday

7th Nov
Bournemouth Echo: Bournemouth is one of Britain’s booming towns
Nationwide set to shut four local branches
Highest earners are earning £22,000 a year more than those at the bottom
Southernprint to close with loss of 179 jobs
60 years after this Poole firm launched its iconic lava lamp, they’re doing it again
Middle-aged women earning 19% less per hour than men 

1st Nov
Bournemouth Echo: Marine tech firm is recognised for “outstanding support of Armed Forces”

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