Record August as Job Vacancies up 4%

Typically, August is considered one of the quietest months for recruitment; however 2014 saw a new record with the number of job vacancies increasing by 4% between July and August which shows real signs of improvement within the job market.

Between July and August this year, the number of job vacancies was up 4% from 9,699 to 10,120 which is proof of a robust and strengthening professional job market, along with the fact that the number of vacancies is almost a fifth higher in August 2014 compared to August 2013; with the number of vacancies rising from 8,527 to 10,120. Also, the number of professionals seeking jobs in August 2014 was 8,930 – a 9% increase from August 2013 where it was 8,230, however it is a decrease from July 2014 where there were 9,500 job seekers.

The fact that that the jobs being created are both permanent and within new divisions as companies expand is extremely positive for recruitment as it shows there is increasing confidence within business growth for 2014 and into 2015.


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